December, 2016
All the Section 18 C News Fit to Report by Ian Wilson LL.B.
“All The Criminals in Their Coats ’n’ Their Ties... Are Free to Watch the Sun Rise” by Chris Knight
What! Humans Settled Australia 49,000 billion Years Ago? No, My Mistake by Brian Simpson
Castro, Gastro, It’s All the Same by Peter West
The Elite are Becoming Survivalists! by John Steele
Einstein’s Time May be Up by Brian Simpson
Why Big Mining loves Big Green by Viv Forbes
CO2 levels data from the ice ages makes a laughing stock of global warming. It needs more attention.
Blood Pressure, Exploding! Pollution Killing Us! by Mrs Vera West
The UN Says that We are All Racists. Who Would Have Thought That? by Michael Ferguson
What Next? “Porn Literacy” Lessons in the Womb? by Mrs Vera West
The Spies Who Hate Us by Paul Walker
Hitlerising Richard Spencer and the Alt Right by Charles Taylor
They Mean Business, Indeed by Charles Taylor
Uncle Len’s Christmas Renovations by Uncle Len, Home Improver
Put on the Whole Armour of God by James Reed
Dividends Instead of Debts by M. Oliver Heydorn
THE CASE FOR THE REPEAL OF SECTION 18C by Chris Berg, Simon Breheny, Morgan Begg, Andrew Bushnell, Sebastian Reinehr from the Institute of Public Affairs
Clean Green Batteries? by Viv Forbes