On This, the “Racist” was Right! By Brian Simpson

Marxist biologist, Stephen Jay Gould, was among other things, a critic of racialism, at least as it related to claims that supported some sort of positive conclusion about Whites. I could not find, for example any work critiquing say East Asian IQ superiority, although he could have written on it, I did not find it.

But one claim he did make in his 1981 book, The Mismeasure of Man, was that Samuel Morton, who measured hundreds of human skulls in the 1830s and 1840s, concluding that the brain volume of Europeans was greater than that of Asians and Africans, was a “patchwork of fudging and fingling in the clear interest of controlling a priori convictions.” Ok, he was a racist, just doctoring data, the same way we might see today, the Democrats doctoring votes. Only, he was not.

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Radioactive Haloes By Brian Simpson

As a Christian, and a science teacher, but also a sceptic about much of science, which I see as little more than a system of faith – if there were not technological goodies, it would be simply magic wrapped in mathematics (string theory for example, quantum mechanics)  - I enjoyed the old creation science movement, which nor seems displaced by intelligent design. What I liked was how received science was undermined with respect to age issues, as people boldly argued for things like a Genesis Flood, and worked the geology to conform to that. That’s the spirit! Of course, Darwin as in for a hiding, with the natural selection of improbable mutations, which they saw as a miracle.

I have some notes from the work of Robert Gentry (1933-2020), on radioactive haloes, e.g. helium produced by radioactive decay in deep hot rocks that has not had the time to escape, which it should if the rocks were billions of years of age, and his papers appeared in top class journals:

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Good to See Zombies Voting for Zombie Joe Biden! By James Reed

Time for me to get in on the fun. What I was pleased to see was record numbers of the unwalking dead, to be distinguished from the usual zombie normies, voting for their leader from the grave, Joe Biden. For too long there has been discrimination against the dead, because, well, they are dead and decomposing, or decomposed. Why should non-existence prevent a valid vote to be cast for the Democrats? After all, they have run most of their campaigns, as the Left do, on non-existent people:


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Deep State and Media Declare Senile Old Joe Beijing Biden “Winner” By Chris Knight and Charles Taylor

It is so predictable you do not even need a script. Engage in what Biden himself called the greatest elector fraud in history, then censor any reporting, then get the media prostitutes to declare senile Joe the winner, even before final voting and the law suits! The Dark Lord New World Order monsters must be laughing at how smart they think they are. Really, they just move fast, but in the longer term may come unstuck from this if the resistance movement gets up and running, which looks likely.


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CIA’s “Operation Scorecard” was Working its Little Computer Heart Out! By Charles Taylor

If this can be documented to meet the standard of evidence needed for the Supreme Court, something should happen. Well, maybe. But it shows full Deep State corruption, and reason alone to be opposed to the system. Hopefully millions will be, surely?


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Here Comes the Great Payback! By Chris Knight

Drunk with power, now the blood lust begins, just like in the Maoist Cultural Revolution.


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Total War!!!! By Chris Knight and Charles Taylor

Now this is more like it, as Donald Trump Junior, who always had more guts than his old man, tweeted, before they deleted it we think (can’t find it): “ "The best thing for America’s future is for @realDonaldTrump to go to total war over this election to expose all of the fraud, cheating, dead/no longer in state voters" ... 

We will spare you the mainstream sewage media outrage, which across the world went along the lines of this being an attack on American “democracy.” Well if what we have covered this week is “democracy” then it is evil and needs to die.  The point is that there is no democracy with electoral fraud. How can Joe Biden get the most popular votes in US history, even proportionately more than Obama? A senile old fool, probably criminal, achieving this is insane. The elites are so arrogant, having control of the media, that they think that they can do anything, and they can it seems. They can make it so that white is black, and the sky is purple with pink poker dots.

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Why Do All the Computer Glitches Favour Biden? By Charles Taylor

I just jumped onto the internet, and saw to my amazement that there is a small coverage of the election fraud, although that is never how it is described, only computer glitches that conveniently favoured Biden:


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China Smacks Australia on its Trade Butt! By James Reed

Now that America is finished, and under the communist Democrats becomes a part of China, Chinese troops could be invited by Beijing Biden, their man, to put Trump voters out of their pathetic misery.  Australia better start bending the knee, because our new class elites embrace Asianisation and being part of China, and the Anglo population decided long ago to let it all happen, blissfully disappearing into the dust bin of history. As a pseudo-nation of traitors and cowards, I hope an apology to China for our existence is not too late now, for the sake of the economy, which is really all that exists.


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Traitorous, Cucked Republicans Abandon Trump, Embrace New Communist Leader President Harris By Chris Knight

The lesson in a nutshell is that conservatives just don’t get it. They somehow think that the system is under their control, that the institutions have not been totally taken over, and that things, with a bit of fine tuning, still work, “muh constitution” and all that jazz. We black pill traditionalists, see the folly of this, and the US election has put the final nails in the coffin of conservativism. The same problem exists to a less dramatic degree in Australia, where there a no real legal protections against government tyranny, as seen in the Covid-19 lockdowns. The Constitution is gushed over by conservatives as somehow God-given, even though the convention papers shows what a struggle it was to get what little rights there were into a document that basically created the Federation from the states. It did not help in any law suit to resist the lockdown tyranny. But I digress, because even the US Constitution, with a Bill of Rights, has not been lawyer proof, because in the end, what rights one has is decided by the lawyer class, and that is frightening, unless one is totally naïve and assumes that this class is anything other than totally corrupt. Thus, I can see the Supreme Court challenge by Trump failing, even with a “conservative” majority, who are simply going to deliver what the Deep State wants, unless a mass revolt of the people changes their mind, and it is going to take 70 million people willing to give their lives if necessary. Forget it, modern man is too much of a coward, except for the Left, but they are insane anyway.

Here, Republicans are already rejecting the electoral fraud claims, even given the massive evidence for it, because they want to settle down into the cosy system, and they will do just as well under President Harris as Trump, maybe better, because the cucks can go back to being politically correct, supporting president Harris at every turn. I don’t hold to the line that Trump has had such a transformative impact upon a group of people who were utterly useless to start with. Watch my prediction that the Republicans will be neo-con cucks even before the Supreme Court challenge. As in Australia, the two parties are part of the same Deep State controlled team.

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Santa Keeps Delivering Mystery Votes! By Chris Knight

Here is the latest news on voter fraud and corruption today, thanks to Natural News.com. Under the Biden, sorry, Harris regime, I do not see these sites being up for long. It is going to be amazing when the courts say: voting fraud, what voting fraud? Already even Republicans, in damage control, and preparing to tow the line for their true leader Harris, are saying, no voting fraud today thank you! Traitors and gutless cucks, defines conventional conservatives today.


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BLM Urban Terrorist Coup is On! By Chris Knight

Charles has gone back to cleaning his guns, sharpening his Bowie knives and swords, and doing general survivalist stuff, for self-defence only of course, no writing today, having read this news, which made him more paranoid than usual:


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Mainstream Media, Academia Etc. Can be Defined as “Biased” By James Reed

In this climate it has all come to a head. For years we have been seeing false news in academia, the mainstream media and the institutions that conservatives like to think of as “ours.” But the reality is that the super-elites control everything, with the Left being but one useful wing of their social control. We live in the most tyrannical of dystopias, but since people still have enough to eat, plus computer games, drugs and social media, it does not show up. But, it will.


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White Identity Politics is the Only Game in Town Now! The End of Conservatism and Civic Nationalism By Richard Miller (London)

Trump was the last stand of civic nationalism, the idea that we, despite ethnic differences, can be one, under the rule of law. That is an ideal but not the reality, sadly. We see this clearly in Europe which in many ways is further down the track than America and Australia, for Americans probably would not passively tolerate the rape of perhaps one million of its children by grooming gangs, well maybe now.


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The Elite Over-Reach? By Brian Simpson

Some interesting comments by Alexander Wolfheze, of how the globalist elite, although celebrating their victory over populism, may be falling into their classic problem of over-reach, limiting their options:


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Whites, Doing it To Themselves By Brian Simpson

Many Dissent Right sites run a kind of victimology line that the bad guys have done, and are doing us over. That is true, but, there is still the issue of agency, that Whites have participated in activities involving heaping up their own funeral pyre. Take the US immigration law of the 1960s which is now set to turn America into majority non-white and ensure Democrat tyranny until the collapse:


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Transgender, Multicultural Vikings? Refuting Pseudoscience Parts I, II, and III Part III: Understanding Nordic Origins By Brian Simpson Part III

I turn now to comments on a number of studies with relevant material on the question of Nordic/Northern European origins. Some of these studies have methodological limitations and flaws, but are still relevant to the present study. Unlike the material considered in part II of this series, these studies are at least based within mainstream science, rather than postmodernist Leftism, or whatever bs.


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Voter Fraud Running a Rampage By Chris Knight and Charles Taylor

We were going to post videos documenting all that we are going to say, but Big Tech is taking the down as fast as people put them up. As well, Democrats are using violence to keep Republican scrutineers away, while the cheating goes on. There are Democrat operatives with multiple ballots, filling them out with no signature verification at all. Videos have been posted of this, but taken down fast by Big Tyranny, showing how utterly dumb Trump was not to move on these evil creatures in 2017. There are videos of Democrats destroying ballots. Dead people voted in record numbers, larger than under Hillary, giving Biden the greatest turn out of zombies, like him, in history! Talk about cooking the books!

All of this is enough to invalidate the election, totally, requiring a new Election and mass arrests of Democrats. Decent people need to take to the streets in the millions, and shut down Democrat cities until justice is done. Mass strikes, especially of truckers would be a good start. America needs to stop work. Don’t worry about the economy now Donnie boy, the dream is over, and now there are just nightmares. Justice is everything.

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Hey Donny Boy, They Are Coming for You to Put You In a Cage! By Chris Knight and Charles Taylor

We have said that the elites intend to put Trump in a cage, once the election fraud is complete. He needs to consider drastic action now:


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Have Covid - Will Not Travel By James Reed

I have fond memories of the TV show, Have Gun -  Will Travel (1957-1963), where the travelling gunman paladin, played by Richard Boone freely travelled to do his mercenary business. The fictitious Paladin was freer than Australians:


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