Zero Net’s Battery is Flat? By James Reed

There seems to be a growing public opposition to the Labor government’s zero net program, a program that will have radical impacts upon the Australian standard of living. The ordinary people like us are facing a cost-of-living crisis, with rising energy costs and inflation affecting everything, and worrying about long-term hypothetical events like climate change is a luxury few people who are not members of the elite classes can afford. But, while there may be this public discontent, it has not yet fused into a coherent political movement, just as there is public angst about housing and mass immigration, but so far, no organised street opposition.


And, the Green agenda is becoming irresistible to corporate capitalism. According to the McKinsey Global Institute, to reach Net Zero, nations will need to spend US$275 trillion by 2050. That is why all the big names such as BlackRock, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, are in on the Green business. As usual it does not matter if the zero net agenda is going to be a failure; there are short-term profits here, as the economist Keynes said, in the long run we are all dead, so they don’t care about any long run issue. The country is to be used and if it collapses, well onto the next country.

“There’s growing pushback against the need to reach Net Zero.

In an era of sky-rocketing living costs, rising inflation and energy prices, carbon neutrality looks more like a luxury to satisfy the ideological wishes of the rich.

This once-in-a-century energy transition will cost the middle-class dearly and that’s an increasingly hard pill to swallow.

In fact, my colleague Greg Canavan recently put together a series of videos outlining the severe challenges in meeting these goals.

The series is called ‘NOT ZERO’ and features politicians, academics, and industry experts.

It’s well worth watching and you can access the entire series for free here.

In fact, one of the guests includes my former geology lecturer…Ian Plimer.

Without doubt the most entertaining lecturer I ever had.

Geology can throw up some pretty dry content at times but that wasn’t the case with Plimer’s presentations!

He also happens to be a long-term critic of the green energy transition…an ideal fit for the NOT ZERO series.

According to Plimer, climate change has been a recurring theme over the planets 4.5-billion-year history.

These climatic shifts have occurred rapidly at times…scientists know this by studying carbon dioxide levels in polar ice sheets or looking at the fossil record.

In fact, the shock discovery of crocodile fossils in the Canadian Arctic in the late 1990s followed by coal discoveries in Antarctica, proved the planet’s icy poles once bathed in hot sweltering sunshine, similar to the tropics today.

As Plimer pointed out, volcanic eruptions were the primary cause for the hot conditions that existed across the planet millions of years ago.

As well as molten rock, volcanoes spill out gasses into the Earth’s atmosphere, blanketing the planet in carbon dioxide and enhancing the atmosphere’s greenhouse effect.

Volcanic carbon dioxide emissions back then were on a magnitude higher than today’s human CO2 contribution.

It’s one of the key arguments used by Plimer against the green energy transition. 

And thanks to his views, he’s copped a tidal wave of criticism across the political and scientific spectrum.

But whether he’s right or wrong, his voice and the data he presents needs to be heard.

In fact, this is my biggest criticism of the climate agenda…

This issue has been charged with emotion.

Alternative views are ridiculed and berated as propaganda for the fossil fuel industry.

For far too long this has remained a one-sided debate and that never ends well.

So, I suggest you remain open minded about this issue…

The NOT ZERO series is a great place to learn more about the other side of the argument, something you won’t find in mainstream news.

But as investors does it really matter?

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, to reach Net Zero, nations will need to fork out a staggering US$275 trillion by 2050!

It’s why names like JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, BNP Paribas to Blackrock…as well as billionaires, presidents, kings, and queens…have all taken a large stake in this green energy pie.

And they’ll be playing into people’s sense of guilt to ensure the taxpayer coughs up the bill on this multitrillion-dollar energy transition.

For better or worse, global capital is on the side of the green energy transition.

The popular vote that pushed carbon neutrality to the mainstream has opened the door to powerful interests looking to build their position in this once-in-a-century money making opportunity.

Whether it’s efficient, saves the planet, or lowers our standard of living matters little to them…

The elite have taken charge and history shows this is what will drive the change.

As I highlighted to my Diggers and Drillers readers last month, profits are the elite’s crack…for better or worse, change is coming.

As an investor, all that matters is that you’re on the right side of this transformative shift.

Electric guzzling EV’s, trucks, trains and busses will eventually move billions of people and cargo around this planet each day.

That’s why we remain firmly leveraged to critical metals set to benefit from this once-in-a-lifetime money-making opportunity.

Yes, rare earth, nickel, graphite, cobalt and lithium stocks have all taken a beating in 2023.

But the long-term set-up remains in place.”




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Monday, 27 May 2024

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