YouTube Bans the Truth? By James Reed

Something should have been done about Big Tech, while Trump slept through his presidency. Now YouTube has banned videos that are claiming electoral fraud. Yes, even though there are court cases, YouTube seems fit to block this information. It just speaks for itself. It shows that there really is something to hide. If this is sorted out, YouTube needs to be sorted out. Maybe start by eliminating Big Tech’s legal immunity, revoking section 230 etc., and see how they like censorship. Bring the whole dark temple of evil done!  

We are living in the midst of communist censorship and cancel culture. As I have said, this makes me angry even though I am not in America. In a globalised world, evil gets globalised too.  

Just an afterthought for YouTube’s legal team to chew on; suppose the present Texas and multi-state challenge to the US election succeeds in the Supreme Court, and it is held that Biden loses and SCOTUS holds that electoral fraud invalidated the election.

Would YouTube have the guts, and foolishness to stand their ground then? Go on I dare you! What a bunch of pussies these guys will look then! Change your name to YouPussy!




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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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