Yes, We have No Seeds By John Steele

     I remember my grandmother telling me about the Victory Gardens people had during World War I and II. Well, many people are turning back to that, but there is one problem: seeds:

     I have heard that the hardware shops in Oz are restricting the sale of seeds. This does not surprise me, since this is already being done by the monopoly sellers in America, and whatever bad that happens there, always migrates here like … well a plague:

“Walmart and other big box stores are blocking customers from buying garden seeds, claiming gardening supplies aren’t “essential.” This is being done under the order of state authorities. “The [Vermont] state’s Agency of Commerce and Community Development announced on Tuesday that to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, it has ordered big-box retailers to limit its in-person sales to only essential items, including food, beverages and medicine,” reports Also in the article: The order declared a host of goods — from clothing, toys, electronics and jewelry to paint, gardening and sports equipment — off limits to in-store customers. Garden seeds are not allowed to be purchased, in other words. No seeds means no food for millions of people who will soon discover just how horribly the food supply lines have collapsed. also reports: Walmart stores in New England are sealing off entire aisles with products deemed “unnecessary” in attempts to combat the scourge of shoppers wandering around to relieve coronavirus quarantine fatigue. According to CBS Boston, Walmart in addition to Home Depot and BJ’s Wholesale stores in the town of Chicopee, Massachusetts, worked with the city health department to “reduce unnecessary roaming around aisles and putting others at risk.” Under this “retail tyranny,” growing food is not considered “essential.” And if you claim to want garden seeds, you’re a “hoarder,” see? Yes, they want you to starve to death… it’s the plan. In World War II, Americans were told to plant “victory gardens” to help feed the masses and create food redundancy. That’s because in the 1940s, the government wanted people to survive and continue to work in factories to grow the economy. But today, you are barred from buying garden seeds because the bureaucrats and politicians in charge quite literally want you to die. They’ve declared human beings to be the enemy of the world (climate change) and the enemy of globalism (because people want to be free, which opposes their globalist agenda).”

     What people who have become newbie preppers need to do is to seek out places selling non-hybrid seeds in Australia. I once knew of such a place, but the name now skips my mind, like so much else, being swallowed up in PTSD. But, seek on the internet, and you will find. Say, this keyboard has gone mad, and the shift key will not permit me to do a capital T which I need to do now by using the Caps Lock key. I spent some time on gooooooooooogle trying to work out why capital t is being censored but it came to nothing, even sticky keys did not help. Surely there are better letters to censor than t? That takes it to a t.



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Wednesday, 24 July 2024

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