Yes Virginia, They Really Want to Undermine Western Civilisation By Peter West

     Ok, the story has been told before, the elites are working away, night and day, to bring the West down:

     In Australia, we are told, that mc has been a success because, consumer culture and capitalist profits continue, and the Anglos did not rise up against it.

     So, Western civilisation collapses; what then? Some of the elites must think that their little group can buzz along business as usual with a replacement class of slaves, once the Northern Europeans bite the dust. They are deluded since we can already see that diversity will bring down the sacred economy:

     Some of the ruling elites must be aware of the wages of disintegration and thus are prepared to go down with the ship, the spite scenario. That is the advantage that Christians have over them. This world was never meant to last, any more than a flesh and blood bodies were. Even science sees the planet as having a use-by date. If this world is all you have, buddy, you’ve got a problem.

     So, you kill us. We die. So what?  But, you die tomorrow.  Enjoy it while it lasts, because, before you know it, your time to crash will come.  All empires, however evil, have collapsed.  Yours will too.  And, if all the environmental predictions of increased pollution, water shortages etc. are true, then the future may not be a place where one would want to live anyway: a degraded, over- populated world, a dysgenic nightmare.  Being rulers of basically a burnt out rubbish dump, will not be a victory:



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Tuesday, 09 August 2022