Would China Lie to Us? By Paul Walker

     There is a song by the pop group the Eurythmics, which always reminded me of a form of contraception, consisting of the weird Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart, who formed in Wagga Wagga in 1980. They have a song Would I Lie to You? which always invited one to sing back; of course, you bloody well would! That applies to China now:

“A social media sensation is drawing attention to herself once again with new claims that the Chinese government is lying about the number of people in China who have died from the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). According to Ruomei Zhou, who first became popular on Twitter after calling on all of China to apologize to the United States for polluting it with the virus, millions, not thousands, of people have died in China due to complications associated with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). While the communist Chinese regime claims that just under 5,000 people have died there from the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), Zhou says that as many as five million people have actually died, and that a major coverup is taking place. Chinese authorities admit that early on the count of people who died at home and in hospitals was probably too low because of tracking failures. But the official tally of deaths is nowhere close to what Zhou is claiming. Sky News, however, seems to agree with her. The news outlet says that the British government was informed that China was spreading disinformation about the actual number of deaths, and that the country “lied about the extent of their own outbreak by a factor of 40.” Intelligence officials here in the U.S. also reportedly told the White House that the Chinese government has been playing games with its Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) numbers to make it appear as though the death count is far lower than it actually is. Even Caixin, a media outlet based out of China, reported on thousands of urns that were supposedly spotted in Wuhan, the epicenter of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).”


“The number of coronavirus cases in mainland China may have been more than four times the official figure, a new study has said. Academics at Hong Kong University’s school of public health have estimated that there could have been 232,000 infections in China by 20 February, rather than the 55,508 cases Chinese authorities reported by that date. The researchers, whose findings are published in The Lancet, claim the true number of cases would have been much higher if China had applied a wider case definition of Covid-19 from the outset of the virus. They analysed seven different versions of case definition in China between 15 January and 3 March. According to the study, the case definition was “initially narrow”, later broadening to include milder cases and cases without links to the city of Wuhan. The academics estimate that the proportion of detected infections rose by 7.1 times between the first and second definition, by 2.8 times between the second and fourth and by 4.2 times between the fourth and fifth. The study’s prediction of the number of cases is based on applying the fifth definition from the start of the coronavirus outbreak. “If the fifth version of the case definition had been applied throughout the outbreak with sufficient testing capacity, we estimated that by 20 February 2020, there would have been 232,000 ... confirmed cases in China as opposed to the 55,508 confirmed cases reported,” the study said. The findings come as China faces growing scrutiny over its coronavirus figures and its handling of the crisis. Last week, the city of Wuhan revised its death toll up by 50 per cent to 3,869 fatalities. President Trump and other US politicians have been particularly vocal in their criticism of Beijing. Earlier this week, Cui Tiankai, the Chinese ambassador to the US, responded by criticising US politicians for being “preoccupied in their efforts for stigmatisation, for groundless accusations.”

     We will probably never know because of the communist bamboo wall of censorship, but it would help the planning to know exactly we were up against. It would, if the death toll was as high as discussed above, tip the evidence in the direction of the deadliness of covid-19, rather than hypotheses that it is merely a variant of the flu, an all-time favourite of conservatives, who rightly fear the Newer New World Order. “There is too much confusion. I can’t get no relief,” will have to be our ending theme song:



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Wednesday, 24 July 2024

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