Woman Trashes Conservative Father at His Funeral! By Chris Knight (Florida)

This story has been covered by most of the dissent right sites, so let us not miss out. A woman, who is mixed race, slammed her dead father at his funeral for being … wait for it … a Trump-inspired racist! What a joke, as if Trump was anything like that. And, how racist was the father to marry her black mom? But, it is not about reason now, but making a social media impact.



“A woman has gone viral after sharing a video that seemingly shows them trashing their own father at his funeral, branding him a “racist, misogynistic, xenophobic” Donald Trump supporter.

The shocking clip — shared by self-described “black supremacist” @saginthesunforever — has clocked up more than 1.6 million views and sparked widespread backlash after it was re-posted to Twitter by the controversial conservative account @LibsOfTikTok on Tuesday.

The speaker — who has not disclosed their name, age or where they live — was unapologetic about their harsh and hateful remarks, captioning the clip: “Friendly reminder that Idgaf [I don’t give a f–k] and WILL say what needs to be said every single time.”

The activist went on to tell mourners that they had hoped their dad might one day help them fight “for the things that matter.”

However, they claimed that his death had “solidified the fact that you’ll never be what you could have been, but only what you are — and what you are is a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, Trump-loving, cis, straight white man.”

As the audience sat watching, the outspoken woman further said that they would not defer to their dad purely because he was dead, as he had “disrespected and disregarded the lives and deaths of entire communities.

“You are everything I aspire not to be and I refuse to stand up here and sing the praises of a man who is the paradigm of white supremacy,” they stated.

A few members of the congregation could be heard clapping as the activist walked off stage, but a majority of mourners seemed to sit in stunned silence.”


A pity no-one had the guts to stand up for the father; a strong woman would have been best to confront her one-to-one. Perhaps the father should have allocated money in his will for such a person to be present at his funeral to defend his honour? Hopefully she got nothing in the will.



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Saturday, 02 December 2023

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