Woman Can’t Hear Male Voices. What’s that You Say? By Mrs Vera West


         This seems strange, but is not really; in fact it is a pretty common occurrence nowadays:






A woman in China suddenly developed an unusual condition that made her unable to hear male voices. And while that might seem enviable to some, the hearing loss could carry serious medical repercussions.


The woman, who is identified only by the surname Chen, visited a hospital after waking up one morning and being unable to hear her boyfriend's voice, Newsweek reported yesterday (Jan. 10). Chen also told doctors that the night before, she experienced ringing in her ears (a condition known as tinnitus) followed by vomiting.


At the hospital, Chen was treated by Dr. Lin Xiaoqing — a woman — who noted that while Chen was able to hear Xiaoqing's voice, she couldn't hear the voice of a nearby male patient "at all," according to Newsweek. Xiaoqing diagnosed Chen with reverse-slope hearing loss, a rare type of low-frequency hearing loss that likely impaired her ability to hear deep male voices.”




         As I said, this is common today, for the feminist movement has led to men not only not having a voice, but being too scared to talk if they have one. Here is a new book dealing with the more general theme of the cultural wars that deals with this and more:






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Wednesday, 17 August 2022