Woke: It’s Here! By James Reed

Political correctness in the schools is now not merely an American problem, but is here. That is why we need to pay special attention to what is happening in the US, as the madness soon comes here.


“Schools in Melbourne are being urged to use gender neutral pronouns and scrap 'mum and dad' in favour of 'parent' as part of a campaign to improve inclusivity for LGBTQI+ students.

Unisex bathrooms, non-gendered sporting teams and the flying of rainbow flags to are also recommended to improve inclusivity. 

Some schools are even being encouraged to stop teachers and pupils from using words including mum, dad and boyfriend in a controversial bid to banish gendered words. 

Instead, 'parent' and 'partner' is preferred.  

The suggestions come as the North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network launched its #SpeakingUpSpeaksVolumes campaign to support LGBTQI+ students in schools.  

The campaign used material from Proud2Play and VicHealth which included strategies for schools and sports - including non-gendered teams and the use of rainbow flags. 

Parents were also being asked to question others about what pronouns they used. 

In a statement on Monday, the North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network said the campaign was not about mandating the use of pronouns or terms like mum and dad.

'To be very clear, the #speakingupspeaksvolumes campaign....is focused on addressing the very serious impacts that bullying and discrimination has on LGBTIQ+ people, children, and young people in particular,' it said.

The Network's CEO Chris Carter said feeling safe in school was something that every child deserves and there is 'no place for hurtful, disrespectful or discriminatory behaviour'.

A mother of one child, who was 'gender not-sure' in his early years, said that the support of their school had been crucial to her son's growth.

'There needs to always be obvious support and prevention so kids like Jax don't have their confidence derailed,' she told the newspaper.

Colin Bourke is the head of the Elevation Secondary College in Craigieburn and said that the homophobia was 'really detrimental to our student culture'. 

He also said that schools were doing a lot to ensure LGBTQI+ students feel included such as making bathrooms unisex. 

'This includes gender non-specific bathrooms and taking down some of the boys and girls signs,' he said.” 



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Friday, 19 August 2022