“With it being Asians, We Can’t Afford for This to Come Out” By Richard Miller

     Sex attacks on white British children was ignored by the South Yorkshire police because the rapists were Asian; there will be no mention of this at all of the “anti-racist” sites, because non-whites can do no harm if whites are the victims, because of …well …white racism blah, blah. Dealing with the rapes was thought to inflame racial tensions, so it was better to let the men rape away. According to The Times, an unnamed senior police officer said: “With it being Asians, we can’t afford for this to come out,” based on an advanced copy of the Independent Office for Police Conduct’s five-year investigation. Police knew that this had been going on for 30 years, but ignored it.

“A woman whose sexual exploitation as a child was ignored by police over fears of increasing racial tensions in Rotherham has said the force 'aided and abetted' the abuse of hundreds of children. The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) upheld six complaints against South Yorkshire Police by a woman abused as a child for several years, starting in 2003. According to a leaked report seen by PA and first reported by The Times, the watchdog said it was 'very clear that you were sexually exploited by Asian men' and found police were aware of suspects but 'took insufficient action to prevent you from harm'. The woman, who received the 13-page report on Wednesday after first making the complaints in 2014, said children were 'sacrificed' by the failings of the police. She told the PA news agency: 'I always thought that maybe the police didn't understand what was happening until I got the report, and now I fully understand that they knew exactly what was going on. 'How could they do this to hundreds and hundreds of children? How could they go home at night after doing a shift and go to sleep? 'We were never seen as children abused, they didn't care at all.'

She told PA her abuse began in her early teens when she was befriended by a woman, known to the police as being involved in child sexual exploitation, who introduced her to older Asian men to be groomed. The woman's mother complained that South Yorkshire Police 'would not listen and left you in dangerous situations, letting people do what they wanted and they never questioned anybody about what was happening,' the report said. The IOPC upheld the complaint that the force was aware of suspects involved in her exploitation and failed to act, leaving her with people who were grooming the teenager. The woman called for action to be taken against South Yorkshire Police, including potential criminal charges. 'They've always been complicit in what happened, we've seen perpetrators get done, so why are they any different? They've aided and abetted abuse,' she said. In a second investigation included in the report, the woman's father said an officer referred to grooming as 'P*** shagging' when he phoned the police to discuss his concerns about his daughter. The officer, who was unable to be identified, was also found to have said 'with it being Asians, we can't afford for this to be coming out' and commented that the abuse had happened for 30 years. The woman told PA she was very upset when reading the report and said: 'It doesn't matter what colour a perp (perpetrator) is, they should all be treated the same.' The investigation also found the force tried to recruit the woman as an informant while she was underage, and did not act appropriately when she was taken from emergency accommodation to Bristol, around 150 miles away, in order to be groomed.”

     This part of the UK police forces thus became part of the criminal gang. It does not inspire confidence in the rule of law being upheld. Clearly, the UK is finished, and will slide down the path of disintegration and barbarianism, unless some miracle occurs.



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Thursday, 18 July 2024

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