Wind Turbines: A National Security Threat! By Richard Miller (London)

Here is something that Aussies should consider, an issue which has arisen here in the UK regarding wind turbines, at least offshore wind farms. It has been found that the wind turbine blades interfere with radar signals. UK fighter pilots knew this for some time and would in training exercises fly into wind farm areas knowing that the blades’ rotation would interfere with radar detection.

Now the UK air force is seeing a problem here with the growing number of these wind farms, as Russian ships had been observed mapping communication and power cables in the North Sea earlier this year. It is likely that the growth of offshore wind farms is set to be a security threat.

“Offshore wind farms blades interfere with radar signals and there are concerns that plans for a significant expansion of turbines in the North Sea by the end of the decade will cause problems for the Royal Air Force (RAF).

Dangers in the North Sea are more than theoretical: a “ghost fleet” of Russian ships were spotted mapping communication and power cables in the area earlier this year, sparking fears that the Kremlin is preparing for a campaign of sabotage.

A serving RAF officer explains: “If you have three blades on one turbine, that’s three false reflections. Imagine you then put up 10 or 20 turbines.”

Former RAF Tornado instructor Tim Davies recalls using offshore turbines to hide from ‘enemy’ fighter jets during training exercises.

“We used to fly into wind farms and rapidly change direction, knowing that their radar would struggle to see us,” he says.”




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Saturday, 24 February 2024

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