Will We Descend into Covid Tyranny 2.0? By Brian Simpson

There have been claims on the internet at various substack, that first the mask introduction in South Australian hospitals, and yesterday, masks reintroduced in Western Australian hospitals, could mark the beginning of the return of wider Covid mandates. I personally think this is drawing a long bow at the moment, but anything is possible, and we need to keep hyper-vigilant and watch how things are played out. My guess is that the health technocrats are eagerly waiting for a much more severe virus (Bill Gates has told us that this virus is coming, due to natural evolution, of course), which will no doubt have to be released from some bioweapons lab, just in time to allow election fraud to defeat Donald Trump once more. Unless, of course, the corrupt legal system with its kangaroo courts succeeds in nailing him, which is highly likely.



“The key point here is this: new mask requirements for staff and visitors in some West Australian hospital settings Monday 20th November, 2023

You may be thinking: oh well, so what. It’s just a mask.

Lindsay of Freedom Media WA has a video warning entitled ‘WA bracing for Covid restrictions – starting with masks.’

(You may remember Lindsay from the fluoro-lay down):

In this article, I will break down the key components of the video (with supporting documentation where I can) for those who cannot or do not wish to watch it although I encourage Australians to watch the whole video.

Remember when the US was going to bring back masks a few months ago and there was such an outcry that it forced them to back off?

They always start with masking as the soft entry to show the pandemic fear and command-and-control environment. Then, the jabs.

Here is information from two US Substackers 

 who both captured that moment in the US and how they managed to fight off the tyranny using the information war. For those of you on social media, get busy:


West Australians and all Australians, let’s do the same thing here.

My Substack is just a little lemonade stand behind razor wire, but with your help we can elevate this message and fight off psyop-fear before they roll out the next round of jab mandates.

We are headed into summer. It is 30°C+ (86°+ in Freedom Units). This is ridiculous. Get outside, get fresh air, vitamins, organic food, garden, relax in our beautiful natural environment, pray. And for God’s sake, stop injecting yourself and your children and grandparents. This is not medical advice, but also keep in mind that the TGA has removed prescribing restrictions on ivermectin. Talk to a doctor who is not a socially- and financially-compromised, compliant, box-ticking idiot or demonically captured who is actually interested in your health.

With your help, we can stop this. Please, share the article and the links.

Vaccinated people who have decided to no longer comply: welcome aboard. We have been doing some heavy lifting in anticipation of your arrival - this is your moment. Let’s lift this together.”




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Tuesday, 21 May 2024

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