Will Russia Wipe Out Britain? By Richard Miller (London)

Suppose you lived next door to a crazy guy who hated your cat getting over the fence and pooping on his windscreen. This goes on for some time, and you try to stop the cat, who even when locked inside waits until you open the door, then flees outside and gleefully relieves itself on the neighbour’s car. Eventually the neighbour loses it and gets his shotgun and shoots the cat, unfortunately blowing away the windshield too. Could that be a parable for Britain and Russia?


Russian state media are urging Putin to use the Poseidon under water torpedo to destroy Britain by creating a 1,000 ft high wave of radioactive water, if NATO puts troops in the Ukraine. Retired Russian general Yevgeny Buzhinsky called for attacks on Britain, and also threatened the UK with an attack by the Satan 2, the 14-storey high Sarmat 2,  Russia's largest nuclear missile, which he claimed would destroy the country. Vladimir Solovyov, known as “Putin's voice,” agreed with this.


Why should Britain risk oblivion, just for the Ukraine, the most corrupt country in Europe? And do we, the people get a say about this ultra-risky business? No, we will just die. Be sure the higher-level elites will jump ship before the radioactive tidal wave hits, this once green land. Well, it will be still green, only then it will glow in the dark!



“Russian state media has urged Vladimir Putin to use his underwater nuclear missile to wipe Britain off the map with a 1,000ft-high radioactive tsunami if NATO troops put boots on the ground in Ukraine.

Retired Russian general Yevgeny Buzhinsky called for attacks on Britain with a Poseidon underwater missile that he said would trigger a 1,000ft radioactive tidal wave. 

Lt-Gen Buzhinsky, chairman of the Russian Centre for Policy Research, said Britain 'will definitely not exist' if Russia unleashed the wrath of the nuclear missile.


Buzhinsky also threatened the UK with an attack by the 14-storey high Sarmat 2, Russia's largest nuclear missile, which he claimed would destroy the country.

Vladimir Solovyov, known as 'Putin's voice', smirked as he said that if the Poseidon underwater drone hit Britain, there would be a 'tsunami'.

The warnings were made as Putin's propagandists discussed Russia's military options after its failure to make meaningful headway in Ukraine.

What is Russia's nuclear armed Poseidon torpedo?

Poseidon is a Russian nuclear weapon currently in development that is a blend of torpedo and drone.

Moscow claims it is unstoppable by current nuclear defences, and could be used to destroy coastal cities or blow up aircraft carriers and their battle groups.

Poseidon is made up of a 65ft tube that is almost 6ft in diameter which can be carried by specially adapted submarines and launched like a torpedo.

Once launched, it acts like a drone and can be remotely guided to its target.

The tube is thought to contain a nuclear reactor theoretically giving the drone an unlimited range if traveling on a pre-set course to its target.

In order for an operator to control the drone, it would have to stay within range of some kind of control tower.

Poseidon is thought to be capable of traveling up to 115mph which would give it the ability to out-run any torpedos that might be used to destroy it.

It is also thought to be able to dive to 1km, which would also put it out of range of current torpedos. 

While the exact payload is unknown, the size of the nuclear warhead seen in leaked designs suggests it could have a yield of up to 100 megatons.

That would make Poseidon roughly twice as powerful as the Tsar Bomba - the largest nuke ever created - which obliterated everything within a 60mile radius when it was tested in 1961, shattering the windows of buildings up to 560miles away.

Buzhinsky also claimed on Russian state TV channel Rossiya 1 that the 'unstoppable' 6,670mph hypersonic missile Zircon was 'about to be used in combat operations' after testing.

'Of course, there are such means as Poseidon, which has been tested,' Buzhinsky said.

A smirking Solovyov responded: 'I would like to see how Poseidon works, I would like to see Sarmat in action.'

'Tsunami, tsunami, yes, tsunami,' replied pro-war Buzhinsky. '[If NATO] sends troops, it will end up with [us using] Poseidon, of course, and a tsunami. And 300 metre [985ft] high waves.'

Solovyov interjected: 'Great Britain will not exist then.' Buzhinsky, 72, agreed and insisted: 'Britain will definitely not exist.'

RT propaganda empire chief Margarita Simonyan added: 'The UK will not be there.' It would be drowned 'straight away', she said.

The propagandists' remarks follow a pattern that has developed on Russian state media since the Ukraine war began of threatening Britain with nuclear holocaust.

The threats are believed to be the result of the UK's staunch support for Ukraine, which became the first NATO country to announce it would send 14 next-generation battle tanks to the war-torn country in the form of Challenger 2 tanks.

Buzhinsky was angry that Putin's missile bombardment of Ukraine had not gone far enough.

'Of course, six missiles cannot make the tipping point,' he said. There should better be 60 [missiles]. Or even better 600.'

Putin sees the Poseidon as a key to his ultimate military supremacy over the West, it has been reported.

Another propagandist Dmitry Kiselyov has previously threatened that the Poseidon 'approaches the target at a one kilometre depth with the speed of 200 kilometres per hour [125mph].

'There is no way to stop this underwater drone,' he said on state TV last year.  'It has a warhead with a capacity of up to 100 megatons. The explosion of this thermonuclear torpedo close to Britain's shores will raise a giant wave, a tsunami.'

He said: 'This tidal wave is also a carrier of extremely high doses of radiation.

'Surging over Britain, it will turn what is probably left of them into radioactive desert. Permanently unusable for anything.'”




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