Will Gyms become “Churches’? By John Steele

Over in Poland, to deal with the Covid freak out, some enterprising lads who run gyms, all of which face closure and ruin, as the medical technocrats think that gym rats are super-spreaders, have turned to the church business instead:



“A gym in Krakow, Poland, is trying to rebrand itself as a “Church of the Healthy Body” in order to stay open during new coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

The manager of Atlantic Sports Fitness, Marta Jamróz, wrote in a Saturday Facebook post: “Since fitness classes cannot function … a religious congregation of members are starting today at our club the ‘Church of the Healthy Body.'”

Jamróz also referred to the gym’s trainers as “the elder council.”

The move came after Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced on Thursday new national restrictions in a tiered “traffic light” system asking people to stay home, according to Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza.

In the “red zone” — which includes Krakow — gyms and swimming pools must close, the paper reported.

The new rules came in response to a record leap in coronavirus cases in the country. New cases ballooned in Poland this fall, according to Johns Hopkins University’s tracker, rising to just under 10,000 a day on Sunday. During the summer, daily new cases had never risen above 1,000.

But the new rules allow church gatherings in the red zone, as long as there is one person per 75 square feet, according to Gazeta Wyborcza.

The situation apparently prompted Atlantic Sports Fitness to rebrand.

“Everything according to the law,” Jamróz wrote. She did not describe the nature of the events, or how distanced customers would be.

She said that “none of us wanted to believe it” when the new restrictions were announced, expressing gym employees’ concern for people’s health and their own jobs if it closed. Jamróz said the gym follows “all sanitary rules.”

“If someone doesn’t want to come to the club, they don’t have to!” she wrote. “So why do you close places where people care about the health and condition and follow all sanitary rules?! We are not only fighting for health! We are now fighting for survival! About our jobs!”


While patriots can all wish our Polish brothers well in their new endeavour, the fact is that as shown in Australia and the United States, the authorities do not give any mercy to churches, who had to shut their doors too, which made for a particularly grim Easter in 2020, but a symbol of the New World Order, none the less.




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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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