Will China have a Military Base on Your Street? By James Reed

     I saw a great electoral advert by the United Australia Party about the Chinese takeover of Western Australian mining resources. Here is some written material about this:

Media release
WA Labor Government supporting secret takeover of Australia
The Labor government was supporting the clandestine takeover of Australia by granting Chinese communist government owned companies extraordinary powers to build and operate strategic assets in WA. That’s the stark assessment from the Leader of the United Australia Party’s Senate Team for Western Australia, James McDonald, who says allowing Chinese state-owned conglomerate CITIC Limited to build a jet airstrip in the Pilbara and exercise control over the deep water port at Cape Preston should be deeply concerning for all Australians. “Under a cloak of secrecy with the help of the Labor party,   Chinese communist government owned companies have built a private jet airport approximately 80km south of Karratha and the existing Karratha airport,’’ Mr McDonald said.

“Built to the same standards as RAAF facilities in Queensland and the Northern Territory where Australia’s fighter aircraft are based, the new runway is just 30km from the huge port at Cape Preston where over 16 million tonnes of products are exported to China each year. “It is completely beyond belief that Chinese communist government owned companies can control and occupy and airstrip that is able to take jet aircraft for their exclusive use,’’ he said. Martin Brewster, retired squadron leader in the Royal Australian Air Force, said Australia could not repel military aircraft if they landed from carriers off shore.

“A superior military air force could, in effect, control all of Western Australia’s resources in the Pilbara and the North West Shelf,’’ he said. Meanwhile, James McDonald said a former senior Royal Australian Navy source had informed him that the Port of Cape Preston had the facilities necessary to support and sustain large scale naval operations in the Indian Ocean. “The power generation and water desalination plant together with the bunker fuel capacity provide the necessary logistics to support a large ground force with heavy equipment,’’ he said. “Chinese State-owned companies have exercised control over all these facilities contrary to the security of Australia. “If ever there was a breakdown in diplomatic relations with China and hostilities were to commence, the Chinese control of the Port of Cape Preston would mean Western Australia and its resources would be completely vulnerable,’’ he said. Mr McDonald said serious questions needed to be asked over the WA Government’s close links to China.

“The growing camaraderie between the WA Government and Chinese communist government enterprises seeking to take Australian property is concerning for all Australians. “It’s shocking that West Australian MP and Upper House Whip Pierre Yang, who was born in China,  was found to have been affiliated with Chinese communist party groups dedicated to extending the Chinese communist party’s influence in Australia. “Mr Yang travelled with WA Premier Mark McGowan to meet senior Chinese government officials in Beijing. Mr Yang has also recruited 500 party members from his local Chinese community,’’ Mr McDonald said. “Australians must now be very concerned that that our politicians are acting in the interests of the Chinese communist government and not Australia.’’ Mr McDonald said the WA Premier and the Labor Party wanted to use the WA Parliament to change the law to give away Australian rights to a foreign power. “We can’t trust Labor with our children’s future. The Chinese communist government won’t allow Australians or any Australian companies to control ports or airports in China, so why should Bill Shorten and Mark McGowan allow it to happen here? “Why should they undermine the rule of law and democracy? “All state-owned companies need Foreign Investment Review Board approval before they acquire an airstrip or a port. They bought a pastoral lease, then built an airport.”

     There is also a video about this takeover as well:

     Establishing air bases is just the start as China is building military bases around the world, which is natural if one wants to rule, not saying that is a bad thing, of course, no racism here:

“The US defense department expects China to add military bases around the world to protect its investments in its ambitious One Belt One Road global infrastructure program, according to an official report released on Thursday. Beijing currently has just one overseas military base, in Djibouti, but is believed planning others, including possibly Pakistan, as it seeks to project itself as a global superpower. “China’s advancement of projects such as the ‘One Belt, One Road’ Initiative (OBOR) will probably drive military overseas basing through a perceived need to provide security for OBOR projects,” the Pentagon said in its annual report to Congress on Chinese military and security developments.

“China will seek to establish additional military bases in countries with which it has a longstanding friendly relationship and similar strategic interests, such as Pakistan, and in which there is a precedent for hosting foreign militaries,” the report said. That effort could be constrained by other countries’ wariness of hosting a full-time presence of the People’s Liberation Army, the report noted. But target locations for military basing could include the Middle East, south-east Asia, and the western Pacific. The report came as the Pentagon also warned that deepening Chinese activities in the Arctic region could also pave the way for a strengthened military presence, including the deployment of submarines to act as deterrents against nuclear attack. The assessment is included in the US military’s annual report to Congress on China’s armed forces. The Pentagon report noted that Denmark has expressed concern about China’s interest in Greenland, which has included proposals to establish a research station, establish a satellite ground station, renovate airports and expand mining. “Civilian research could support a strengthened Chinese military presence in the Arctic ocean, which could include deploying submarines to the region as a deterrent against nuclear attacks,” the report said. China has already established well-armed outposts on contested atolls it build up in the South China Sea.

Last year, there were reportedly discussions on a base in the Wakhan corridor of north-west Afghanistan. In addition, the Washington Post recently identified an outpost hosting many Chinese troops in eastern Tajikistan, near the strategic junction of the Wakhan corridor, China, and Pakistan. China’s president, Xi Jinping, has sought to project the country’s power beyond its immediate “back yard” in east and south-east Asia. This includes strengthening the country’s presence in international institutions, acquiring top-flight technology and establishing a strong economic presence worldwide. It also includes projecting the country’s military force on land, sea and in space, the report notes. “China’s leaders are leveraging China’s growing economic, diplomatic, and military clout to establish regional preeminence and expand the country’s international influence,” the report said. Beijing in particular increasingly see the United States as becoming more confrontational in an effort to contain China’s expanding power, it said.’

     However, it is probably too late for the US to start worrying about this now given China’s superiority in informational warfare:

     Australian mainstream politicians have basically become Chinese agents, either explicitly or implicitly by default, which is the natural thing for animals in the wild to do:

     I imagine that this is the logical conclusion of the “Australia is totally Asian” mantra begun in the 1980s and 1990s, having used multiculturalism and mass immigration to break down what remained of national identity since 1947. Since what remains of traditional Australia has little interest in dealing with this, they had better start learning Mandarin.  To get moving on this:

     I have already started my lessons and can now say “I want this,” not that I would get anything.

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