Why Isn’t the Earth as Flat as a Pancake? By Brian Simpson

     There is a story on the net about a guy who is attempting to refute the round earth hypothesis, and hopefully confirm the flat earth hypothesis, by flying up into the air, over 1,000 feet in his homemade rocket ship, then parachuting to the ground. It is not clear why he can’t climb a mountain to more safely do the same, but no news service would be interested. No doubt they are hoping he will kill himself. Even if one has doubts about all received media and science, probably one should accept that the earth is not a disc. Such a hypothesis is inconsistent with observed gravitational effects, and movement of the sun over the surface of the earth is not consistent with the earth being a disc (shadow measurements).

     The Bible does not require it either. The existence of flat-earthers though, is not something to be alarmed about, but rather a matter to rejoice. Although some may be motivated by a misguided view that the Bible requires it, most of these fine people are revolting against big science, which they see as corrupted by corporate interests. If these people start on the flat earth  hypothesis today, cutting their teeth, then maybe tomorrow they will be ready to take on the really meaty stuff., like climate change and 9/11, or the banking/financial sytem.



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Thursday, 18 July 2024

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