Why Does Hatred Enhance One’s Self-Esteem? By Chris Knight

     I came across this piece from the Wall Street Journal, detailing how hatred can enhance self-esteem. Unfortunately for me, this is behind a pay wall, which for us means we can’t access it. However, I think that one can guess the position. Those expressing hate usually elevate themselves in moral superiority. I suppose our opponents will be slinging one against us, but much the same can be said about them. Expressing hatred against our kind, though the need to ban us out of existence is a form of identity affirmation for those on the Left.


     The problem with this though, is that by elevating themselves in this way, they also help foster our identity as an oppressed minority, and increase our own sense of justice of our cause. So, let the battle continue, and may the best man win.



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Saturday, 13 August 2022