Why China Loves Chaos By James Reed

According to China’s leader, Xi Jinping, the world is in chaos, but this will aid China in conquering the world. Australians should be afraid, and Freedom types should be making this their number one issue.  


“Chinese leader Xi Jinping claimed the main character of the present world is a “chaos” that has been unseen in the past hundred years, and the current timing and circumstances in the world all favor China and can help the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to reach its goal—to dominate the world.

Xi explained that the chaos was created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Xi didn’t say clearly how China has the favorable situation, but he delivered the message that China has curbed the outbreak successfully while the majority of countries in the world have been damaged and are suffering badly from the pandemic. He reasoned that this is why China holds the favorable situation.

“In response to the global pandemic of the novel coronavirus, it shows immediately which country’s leadership and political system is good,” Xi said.

This is the first time that Xi made his “self-confidence” public, which echoed recent words from other Chinese officials. Chinese officials are proud that the pandemic started in China, but left China.

Chen Yixin, secretary-general of the Chinese Central Political and Legal Committee, told staff members of the committee in Beijing on Jan. 10: “In today’s world, China’s good order is in sharp contrast with the West’s turmoil. Socialism with Chinese characteristics has an unprecedented vitality.”

“The East is rising and the West is declining,” He Bin, the CCP boss of Qilian county in northwestern China’s Qinghai Province, said quoting Xi when he spoke with officials from the county on Feb. 25.

So far, Chinese officials have not spoken publicly about how many Chinese have died because they couldn’t receive treatment and medicine to treat their underlying diseases because of the extreme lockdown measures, how many Chinese people became mentally disordered, how many Chinese families suffered bankruptcy or broken relationships, and how many Chinese citizens were stranded in foreign countries because the regime canceled almost all flights in March 2020.

Xi’s ambitious speech was delivered to all provincial or higher-ranking officials at a seminar in Beijing on Jan. 11, and was first published in the state-run magazine Qiushi on April 30.

The core of this over 11,000 words’ speech is that Xi taught the regime to grab the chance of the chaotic world, and realize the CCP’s strategic target—the “Two Centenaries.” Xi said he believed the CCP owns “the [world’s] timing and situation. This is why we are unmoved and emboldened, and [it is] the foundation of our determination and confidence.”

Xi’s “Two Centenaries” goals are, 1) by the centenary of the CCP’s founding in 2021, he hoped to build the country into a “xiaokang society,” meaning a doubling of the 2010 per capita income figures, and 2) by the centenary of the CCP’s takeover of China in 2049, to build the country into a “modern socialist country.” In plain words, the Two Centenaries of Xi’s era means “surpassing the United States and the UK, becoming the world leader,” Xi’s adviser Jin Canrong explained in July 2016.

In the speech, Xi explained where his “Chinese self-confidence” comes from.

“China has become the world’s second-largest economy, the largest industrial country, the largest foreign trade state, and owns the largest foreign exchange reserve,” Xi said, listing the achievements of the regime under his control.”

If this is not beating the drums of war, nothing is.





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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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