Whoa! Bribes for a Vax? Way to go! But Make it Alcohol for Us Alcoholics Too! By James Reed

What a great idea to have Coviddy incentives to get the jab, as is occurring across the West to deal with vaccine hesitancy, people coy about things like blood clots and other minor maladies, like death, which, of course, is silly. Lottery tickets and sometimes food, maybe a Trump-size cheese burger, two cartons of eggs, whatever left-overs there are. Even slightly off milk could be used.  

But,  gifts of alcohol, cheap plonk is the real way to go! People could get smashed, after giving consent, and any number of vaccines could be pumped into them, increasing profits for Big Pharma … no that is not right … increasing public health by leaps and bounds! For a good bottle of whisky, I would be happy to have all the Covid vaccines simultaneously from every square inch of skin, washed down with 24 rabies vaccines, just in case I get so crazed I start biting dogs and eating Wuhan bats! If one thinks this is weird, please read on:


“As winter creeps closer, Australia's top doctor is urging more people to roll up their sleeves and get vaccinated against coronavirus.

About 3.6 million vaccine doses have been distributed Australia-wide — well behind the 286 million doses in the United States and the more than 60 million doses in the United Kingdom.

Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly isn't ruling out introducing incentives such as lottery tickets or merchandise to make sure more Australians get the jab before flu season hits. 

"I think we really do need to look for incentives, as many incentives as we can for people to become vaccinated," Professor Kelly said at a press conference on Monday.

Australia is not the first country confronted with vaccine hesitancy. So what incentives are being offered elsewhere to encourage people to get immunised?

Adults in the US state of Ohio who have received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine can win $US1 million ($1.29 million). 

Yes — $US1 million.

Governor Mike DeWine announced the weekly lottery draws earlier this month ahead of the state's strict restrictions easing in early June.

From Wednesday, funds aimed at pandemic relief will be used for the five weekly lotteries.

For vaccinated Ohioans under 18, there are also five full four-year college scholarships up for grabs.

"I know that some may say, 'DeWine, you're crazy! This million-dollar drawing idea of yours is a waste of money,'" the Republican Governor said.

"But truly, the real waste at this point in the pandemic — when the vaccine is readily available to anyone who wants it — is a life lost to COVID-19."

After an increase in vaccinations in Ohio, New York has followed suit with a lottery scheme called Vax & Scratch.

In Europe, Serbia is believed to have led the way in offering direct cash payments, with President Alexander Vučić offering the equivalent of about $40 to anyone who receives their first vaccine dose by the end of May.

University of Belgrade academic Zoran Radovanovic told medical journal The Lancet it could convince "poorer individuals" to overcome their vaccine hesitancy.

"[But] it would be natural for many people to think now: 'If I am given money to take this vaccine, the vaccine is not good. There is a risk to it and a price has been put on that risk.'"

Fresh eggs and discount food incentives

Some say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. And there are some internationally who are hopeful a good meal can convince reluctant citizens to get vaccinated too.

Posters advertising two cartons of fresh eggs to people older than 60 in exchange for a vaccine circulated on Chinese social media platform Weibo in April.

Also in Beijing, it was reported some shops offered free vegetables, ice creams, chicken wings and dumplings as a tasty incentive.

In the United States, free beer, doughnuts and fresh produce have also been up for grabs.

Some Australian pubs have suggested they might not allow entry to patrons who haven't been vaccinated.

That's the stick. Could a free beer be the carrot that gets some over the line?”

See, I was not joking with my article after all! Don’t for one second think about why people are being bribed!




“Scott Morrison has announced plans to implement an interstate travel ban for Australians who have not received a vaccine passport.

This push by the Prime Minister represents an unacceptable erosion of the rights and civil liberties of law-abiding Australians and must not be allowed to proceed.

One Nation has announced it opposes the Prime Minister’s vaccine passport push and will work to see it scrapped, will you join the call?

Add your name to the petition and demand the Government abandon its vaccine passport push.”

All jokes aside, this is serious stuff, so consider signing the One Nation petition, at the URL above.


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