Whites are Now Defined as Racist! By Richard Miller (London)

A UK Christian nurse said that being white does not make on a racist; something true as a point of fact, one would think. But for that piece of anti-wokeism, she was bullied by her superiors, and suffered anxiety. She had been suspended from a forensic psychology course at Tavistock Trust, for objecting to lecturers saying that “whites don’t comprehend the world,” “the problem of racism is a problem of whiteness,” and blaming Christianity for racism. In a moderately sane world, those statements should be open to at least scrutiny, but today, those objecting to any aspect of the anti-white ruling ideology, get cancelled. I feel that this madness will have to be worked through, much like a poison goes through the body. The hope is that the body social’s natural immune system will overcome it, rather than killing society. The poison will thus be ejected.


Last week, a Christian nurse from an NHS hospital in the United Kingdom made headlines when she shared her experience of being bullied by ‘woke’ superiors for stating that being white does not make a person racist. The nurse reported that she was filled with “crippling anxiety” after weeks of being undermined and harassed for expressing her own opinion, according to reports.

The incident is indicative of a larger problem — the silencing of conservative viewpoints in the workplace. This nurse was not alone in her experience. Others in the same hospital have reported being subjected to similar treatment, News Punch noted in a report.

Amy Gallagher, a mental health nurse from Orpington in Kent, made headlines when it was discovered that she had been suspended from a forensic psychology course at Tavistock Trust that she had been undertaking during her training to be a psychotherapist.

The course was designed to enhance her understanding of mental health and criminal behavior. However, her suspension has come as a shock to many in the mental health community. Gallagher has since lodged a complaint against the university and has highlighted the problems she has faced due to the suspension, including financial hardship and a lack of job opportunities.

During an exclusive interview with MailOnline, she disclosed how lectures, which she was compelled to attend, led to “crippling anxiety” after she challenged the “racist” and “offensive” beliefs of NHS administrators.

During a series of politically biased talks, Gallagher claimed that lecturers at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust alleged that “whites don’t comprehend the world” and blamed Christianity, as it is of European origin, for racism. One of the Tavistock’s seminars was even entitled “Whiteness — a problem for our time,” and the Trust’s website described it as “the problem of racism is a problem of whiteness.”

After Gallagher questioned these contentious beliefs, she faced bullying from staff and was suspended from the course, pending an inquiry into whether she was fit to work with patients. Despite almost a year passing, no inquiry has been initiated, putting her aspirations of becoming a psychotherapist in jeopardy. To make matters worse, one of the course lecturers attempted to have her barred from her job as a practicing mental health nurse. Despite these challenges, the 34-year-old is pushing back.

This case may represent one of the initial trials of wokeness, the outlet reported. Nevertheless, the Tavistock Trust has been the subject of prior scrutiny.

The organization previously encountered legal action for administering puberty-blocking medication to children at their Gender Identity Development Service, which was disbanded after a critical independent evaluation. In response to her experience with The Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust, Gallagher informed MailOnline, “I never launched an attack on anyone. I merely stated that we need to adopt a different perspective.”

Gallagher told Daily Mail, “There’s nothing incorrect about what I’ve stated. I want justice for what has been done to me. It has had an impact on my mental health. I experienced anxiety, and it has been extremely difficult.” She further revealed that she had endured back pain and sleepless nights due to her ordeal, the outlet reported.

One of the concepts that lecturers presented as “fact” was Critical Race Theory, a contentious idea that rejects the notion of meritocracy or color-blindness in relation to race and argues that racism is systemic and socially constructed. Amy disagreed with this controversial theory, which many academics have also denounced.

She also described Critical Race Theory as a “suspicious” and “racist” concept that is “offensive to all races.” She stated, “Racism against any race should be considered wrong. Critical Race Theory will only change when enough people challenge it. I can’t believe they’re promoting this stuff. They’re advocating for an extremely radical agenda. We need to recognize that not everyone shares this perspective.””




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Tuesday, 23 July 2024

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