White Paint …Racist! By Richard Miller (London)

Paul Joseph Watson has an excellent video on this, that the very colour white is now “racist” for the academic woke:



The issue is that the Research Council of Norway is funding “research” of over $1.2 million USD on a project  to allegedly discover how the country has contributed to the spread of “whiteness” globally, through colonialism and through paint. Yes, paint! Apparently, the colour white is intrinsically associated with all the evils that the Left depicts. But, let’s run with that. What about polar bears? White clouds? The whites of even coloured folks’ eyes? Looks like it all must be cancelled. Well, good luck with that one. Clearly, it is just another sign of the decadent  times that Leftist academics must be dealt with by cancelling the institutions that breed them, as areas of waste breed pests, namely, the universities.



“The Research Council of Norway is spending over $1.2 million USD on a project that is dedicated to discovering how the country has contributed to the spread of “whiteness” globally, through colonialism and through paint.

The research project, “How Norway Made the World Whiter (NorWhite),” hosted by the University of Bergen, describes “whiteness” as “​one of today's key societal and political concerns.”

“Within and beyond academia worldwide, actions of revolt and regret seek to cope with our racial past. In the pivotal works in whiteness studies within art and architecture history, whiteness is understood as cultural and visual structures of privilege,” the project, principally led by Associate Professor Ingrid Halland, opens. Her website boasts of a 12 million kroner funding grant from the government.

According to the project's webpage, the aim is to address “a distinctively different battleground for politics of whiteness in art and architecture.””


Now,  not to be outdone in the US Congress,Sheila Jackson Lee introduces bill that criminalizes criticism of a “non-White person” by a White…“ The bill says any White person who criticizes immigration or vilifies any “non-White person or group” can be charged with committing a federal hate crime.”




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Friday, 24 March 2023

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