White Human Meat Shields! By James Reed

Wow, America sure has action. I spend hours trying to find juicy, succulent stuff to write about from Australia, but, boring. But America, well that is where the collapse is in full swing, soon to be replicated here too, so then, not so boring.  In the late once great United States, antifa are getting white folk to be being used as human shields, which is good for stopping melee weapons, but I suppose bullets would just glide through. After the collapse of Western civilisation, in a few months of so, will whites across the West be the willing meat in post-apocalyptic sandwiches, for everyone hungry? Silly me, there will not be any bread!


“Black Lives Matter rioters demanded that white people move to the front and act as human shields while they attacked the Brooklyn Center police station on Tuesday evening.

In the footage, rioters can be heard shouting “get the white people to the front!” A tactic that has been employed during several riots, including Ferguson in 2014.

The rioters were lighting fires, throwing projectiles at officers, and attempting to tear down the fence keeping them away from the building.

There have been riots across the nation after a man escaped from handcuffs, got into his vehicle and appeared to be reaching for something during a routine arrest by Brooklyn Center police on Sunday. The officer involved in the shooting has already resigned — but the rioters apparently do not want her to receive due process.”

Honestly, the lady cop went for what she thought was taser and shot a black man who was not making any attempt to resist. He had a warrant out for his arrest, that is true, but irrelevant to the situation, which is negligent homicide or the equivalent. But, from the perspective of Australia, I think there is not really a police race problem, since whites are getting gunned down too, but a police violence problem. We also saw this over-the-top response across the West with the Covid KGB, especially the UK.



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Saturday, 13 August 2022