White American Doomsday Postponed by a Year or So By President Trump By Charles Taylor

     An analysis by The Washington Post has shown that President Trump’s plan cut to legal immigration of over 20 million migrants, will postpone the coming white minority by one to five years, so that non-Hispanic whites will be a minority in the land they primarily built by 2045-2049, instead of 2044 or sooner:

     The response by US academics has been predictable:

““You can shut the door to everyone in the world and that won’t change,” said Roberto Suro, an immigration and demography expert at the University of Southern California. “The president can’t do anything about that. If your primary concern is that the American population is becoming less white, it’s already too late.”

Perhaps Civil War 2.0 is just around the corner, as the Deep State moves to plan B, direct violence to remove symbolic head of resistance, Donald Trump:



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Thursday, 18 July 2024

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