While We Celebrated Easter Sunday, PM Albo Celebrated Transgender Day of Visibility! By Peter West

I hope that the Christians of Australia, and for that matter, even Muslims, are aware, that just as false President Joe "Senile" Biden, celebrated on Easter Sunday, "Transgender Day of Visibility" (TDOV), so did the Leftist woke Albo government of Australia. Foreign Minister Senator Penny Wong, the country's first openly gay female parliamentarian, gave the public affirmation.

Was Easter Sunday just an accident, was here any good political reason for that day? I agree with critics that it is just another swipe at Christianity by the atheistic globalist Left of the Labor Party and US Democrats. Sure, have the TDOV for that community, but respect other communities as well. Isn't that what multiculturalism/diversity blah, blah, was supposed to be about?


"Australia's left-wing Labor government has joined U.S. President Joe Biden and issued gushing praise on Easter Sunday for the "Transgender Day of Visibility."

Foreign Minister Senator Penny Wong, the country's first openly gay female parliamentarian, gave the public affirmation on behalf of the government led by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

Their backing came even as Christianity remains the largest single religion in Australia, with a total of 43.9 percent of the nation-wide population identifying with a Christian denomination in the 2021 census.

The senator shared a picture of the blue, purple and white-striped transgender flag and declared on social media via X – formerly Twitter:

"The Albanese Labor Government stands with trans and gender diverse people across Australia.

"On this #TDOV, we celebrate your strength and your courage – and we recommit to advocating for trans and gender diverse rights in the pursuit of equality."

Christian scripture outlines Easter Sunday as the day Christians join together and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, a fact plenty of critics were quick to point out in response to the Albanese government's position.

Australia's government was not alone in rushing to embrace the "Transgender Day of Visibility."

As Breitbart News reported, U.S. President Joe Biden issued an official proclamation on Good Friday declaring that Easter Sunday 2024 will be "Transgender Day of Visibility."

"We honor the extraordinary courage and contributions of transgender Americans and reaffirm our Nation's commitment to forming a more perfect Union — where all people are created equal and treated equally throughout their lives," Biden said in the announcement." 



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Monday, 22 April 2024

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