Where do we go from here? This is the ’64 Dollar’ Question!

We now know the movement behind the drive for ‘World Government’; the people we can see are not the only ones pushing in this direction. We also know there are other movements behind the scenes closely linked to the International Socialists.

The most sinister is ‘International Finance’ and its tool, Financial Inflation! Inflation is deliberate policy as it debauches the currency and fosters ‘centralisation’ of all aspects of society and culture.
It has been the driving force behind Council amalgamations with the catch-
cry of ‘economy of scale’. It is behind the reduction of the number of farmers and the forced increase in farm size making it impossible for young people to own farming property. It becomes the realm of the ‘super-capitalist’ and foreign ownership. People are forced to live in denser population centres with attendant problems of servicing these areas with all modern infrastructures which are never ending, such as good water supply, sewerage disposal, roads and transport, energy as gas or electricity reticulation. The list goes on! The services are not extra special but expected in a modern society which has progressed beyond the ‘stone age’!
Today, the Individual is submerged in a bureaucratic controlled state where individual identity is submerged in a soul destroying morass of destructive proportions that defy imagination.
To answer the question requires looking at the opposite of
‘centralisation’ which is ‘decentralisation’we must work to decentralise every aspect of government wherever possible.

Government policy of ‘jobs and growth’ must be challenged as a means to put money into peoples’ pockets. Yes, ‘access to money is a license to live’ in a modern industrialised societynot everybody has an acre of land to grow food. The ‘jobs and growth’ policy puts strain on the physical environment with its need for raw materials, energy, and much else requiring bureaucratic oversight, increased taxes, and even more regulation. This is generally driven by a need for a ‘balanced budget’ and/or expansion of overseas trade to bring money into Australia. It is based on a false accounting gimmick designed to make sure only a few people become financially independent. The bottom line here is ‘you can’t buy votes from people who are financially independent’—indeed, no government spends money unless there votes in it for them!

I have not covered the strain attended the basic unit of society, the family unit. Debauching the currency by Inflation means the dollar buys less every day compounding the stress already apparent by community issues of ‘family violence’, marriage breakdown, mental stress, and apparent suicidal tendencies. The government recognises these issues by funding organisations like Beyond Blue and graphic television advertisements’ depicting people living on the streets.

What does the government do? The despicable John Howard introduced the GST and a 10% tax was loaded onto goods and services’ making sure the ‘dollar’ buys even less every day!

Politicians feign concern over rising energy costs yet 10% of an electricity account is GST which was introduced with the blessing of the Howard Government.
Don’t blame the Coalition for this nasty imposition because Howard was the leader at the timeLabour support the GST and recently mooted support for an increase to offset COVID costs. The Greens are also happy to go along and support this iniquitous tax that falls on those who can least afford it, the basic family unit!

Let us revisit the question—‘where do we go from here?’

I said earlier we must decentralise!
We must start at the ‘local level’ of society—basically, with each and every one of us! There is a ‘rule of thumb’ when evaluating legislation—‘How will it affect the Individual?’ Much legislation is enacted for the perceived ‘common good’ but if individuals must suffer then it is bad legislation and must be re-evaluated. An example here is the Murray-Darling Basin Plan. Community reaction makes it easy to evaluate this dictatorial imposition as bad law!

Decentralisation means think and act local!

It means buy local, shop local!
If you don’t support your local businesses then how can you expect the business to employ local people, perhaps your children or grand-children?
When you shop, check the source of the producttell your supplier that your policy is to buy local.
You must shop around
—that is the ‘free enterprise’ system in practise as you support your community!
There is a trend towards ‘a cashless society’—this must be resisted because this is a record of all your spending making manipulation of you and your daily life possible. It also helps the government collect taxesthey can spend your money better than you can!
You must communicate this message to your elected representatives in every level of government, starting with your elected councillors. Tell them you expect the Council to spend Rates locally wherever possible with no ifs or buts!
The decentralisation/distribution of Finance is a must!
If the domestic situation turns bad in your locality
‘a local financial initiative’ is a possibility but this will have to be done carefully. I refer you to the ‘The Transition Towns Handbook’ which has excellent notes on a local financial system. Ignore the ‘green agenda’ and examine the proposals for a local currencydoing this will take the fight right up to the nefarious people/groups behind the scene and it will be a dangerous initiative!
As a Pope said, or words to effect... ‘The controllers’ of world finance are so powerful that none dare breathe against their will’. Perhaps the fable of ‘belling the Cat’ is appropriate at this time. For the moment, the easier and safer road is to ‘shop local’, et cetera!
Please do not be discouraged because ‘the enemy’ sows the seeds of his own destruction! We can assist in this directiongo to it!

LRC- 16/10/2020



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