Ref: https://syrianperspective.com/2017/06/whats-behind-the-qatari-maneuver-its-gas-my-boy-gas-deraa-alqaeda-devastated-as-syrian-army-reinforcements-arrive-to-kick-them-out-syrian-army-blasts-isis-east.html
     Well, it ain’t Iran’s truly honest elections which swayed the Amir of Qatar, Tameem bin Hamad `Aali Thaani, to switch loyalties to Iran.  And, it wasn’t anything to do with the largest American military base in the region at Al-‘Udayd.  In fact, the switch to Iran while hosting the U.S. would seem an unlikely coupling.  But, not if you are a mini-state on the verge of self-destruction through a disadvantaged economic position.

     You see, folks, once the natural gas pipeline is completed from Iran, across Iraq, to Syria’s coast, Qatari gas will be so expensive that the country will float on its cash reserves for a couple of years and then, implode.  No more Qatar.

     Hmmmm.  The Iranians thought.  What if we let the Qataris in on the deal?  What if we share the natural gas pipeline?  What if we can drive a wedge between Qatar and the rest of the Arabian trash on the Gulf?  Wouldn’t that be British of us?

     And so, it has happened.  Iran has agreed to give Qatar a share of its rights in the pipeline to Syria and Damascus has agreed as long as Qatar discontinues its support for Al-Qaeda, ISIS and all the other rat groups like Faylaq Al-Rahmaan.  Soon, Qatar’s useless military officers will be withdrawn from MOK in Jordan.  And, better yet, Qatar is now absolved from any further obligation to the so-called “Saudi coalition” in the very unpopular war in Yemen.

     The Saudis are enraged.  How could Qatar support the Muslim Brotherhood, a group of Islamist fundamentalists who are deeply opposed to rule by primogenture or dynasticism?  And, how could Qatar, a fellow rag-head nation hand its baton to Shi’I Iran, Saudi Arabia’s main enemy in the region?  How, indeed?  The Egyptians, so affronted by Qatar’s actions, accepted a check from Saudi Arabia in the billions in order to get it to pull its embassy out of Doha. Even the “government” in East Libya also departed.

     Will Saudi Arabia attack Qatar with the U.S. base right there?  Hardly, unless the U.S. pulls its assets out which will cost Mr. Trump a pretty penny.  And how can Saudi Arabia do anything about it when it has its own paws full in Yemen?  Politics make strange bedfellows – the U.S. and Iran in a menage a trois fit for the history books.  I can’t wait to hear Trump explain this one away.

     Don’t pay attention to the Washington stink tanks. They are deliberately hiding the facts from the pushover press.  Pathetic. Let’s watch and see how long Saudi Arabia will take to act now that it’s enemy, Iran, is right on the border. ZAF

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