What NATO Allie Turkey is Doing By Richard Miller

     So, what is Turkey, a member of NATO doing during this time of crisis? How is it helping?? Why, by pushing possibly coronavirus infected people into Greece, because that is what demographic warfare is all about:

“Several days ago, a boat from the Coast Guard found a boat full of migrants trying to reach a Greek island in the eastern Aegean. The ports prevented its entry into Greek territorial waters, resulting in the Turkish coastguard coming at some point to accompany, as is customary in such cases, the boat with migrants back to Asia Minor. When, however, the Turkish landing crew approached and saw the boat with the migrants, it turned 180 degrees and drove away at high speed. The Greek ports remained in the maritime area to prevent a new attempt to enter the boat into Greek territorial waters and to the surprise of their Turkish counterparts. Their question was resolved shortly after they saw another Turkish Coast Guard approaching and surprisingly found that its crew wore the well-known biological warfare uniforms in our day from the coronavirus. They then came to the realization that the first Turkish limb had been removed because it recognized how immigrants – identified by the Turkish authorities – were infected with the virus on board the boat. My case was told by a very credible source who, due to a high position, is able to know firsthand. It seems unbelievable, however, that the Turkish state has consciously orchestrated an informal biological warfare against Greece. Obviously, he expected that – as in the past – so in this case, if the boat had arrived on the Greek island, the immigrants would have been driven, even temporarily, to a hospitality center. Since then the measures for new entrants were still not as stringent as they are today, it is possible that the coronavirus was being “sponsored” by the Turkish state into the immigrant center. Fortunately, this informal attack was repelled, and the good news is that it has helped to tighten up the measures for migrants who manage to reach a Greek island.

The “time bombs”
Let’s think about what the consequences would be if the informal Turkish biological attack had succeeded. Greece has managed to be one of the countries that has far fewer victims of the pandemic than other EU member states. The numbers speak for themselves. While Greece is in a rather jealous position, there are “time bombs” on its territory. If they explode, they will blow up what has been achieved so far, causing a locally nightmare situation. The “detonator” in this case is no other than the coronavirus. What happens if the virus invades one another or another into open hosts, such as is Moria in Lesvos and VIAL in Chios? Given the high ease of transmission of the virus, if it is found in such a center where overcrowding exceeds all limits and hygiene conditions are poor, we expect that no measure by the State will be able to stop its spread. What will happen, then, is that the vast majority of immigrants will quickly become infected. Because, indeed, they are also out of the structure, they will inevitably turn into “moving bombs”, infecting even those Greeks in their midst. It is obvious that the fine of 150 euros may prevent the Greeks from moving, but not the immigrants, who practically have nothing to lose.

Worse than Lombardy
Can open hubs like Morales and Vial be sealed if a pandemic occurs there? Extremely difficult, if not impossible, for business as well as political reasons. This practically means that the indigenous population on the islands will be subject to excessive exposure to the coronavirus, even if it abides by restrictive measures, since, at least at least, the state and the supply chain must continue to operate. What will happen to the overcrowded hosting centers is that the herd’s immunity will apply, at cost to the dead and sick. In other words, conditions such as those prevailing in the previous centuries when an epidemic broke out would work. Given that the population at the shelter is young, the casualties are expected to be – by comparison – less than the local population, which has the usual age stratification in the province, where older people outperform. If developments take this path, it is likely that things will get much worse than they are in Lombardy, Italy. The State will, of course, try to initially treat immigrants who are massively ill, but it is a given that local hospitals cannot bear such a burden. In fact, in such a case they will be canceled with regard to the provision of services to the local population. In a social environment such as the islands, it is easy for the coronavirus to enter hostels in some way, even without Turkish “sponsorship”. Especially when there is a recorded case in some islands. As I have already mentioned and it is obvious that the disease will spread rapidly in the centers due to the circumstances, and will inevitably spread outward with great intensity. In fact, it is very likely that if the coronavirus invades the centers, the immigrants will be pushed into the countryside, accelerating the spread to the local population. The boat with infected migrants is equivalent to informal warfare.

Always in fear of this, and having learned from the above incident, the Greek authorities are taking drastic measures not only to prevent new inflows, but also to isolate those who eventually manage to land on a Greek island. This happened to 39 migrants who arrived these days in a village in northern Lesvos and were quarantined in a secluded church. And only the incident I mentioned at the outset with the ship and the Turkish voyage shows that Turkey has exceeded any limit. This was clearly demonstrated by the hybrid attack on Evros. All these are not manifestations of the actual migratory stream. Tooling the immigrants, the Turkish state turns them into weapons to attack Greece … What is happening on the Greek-Turkish front is not, of course, a classic conventional war, but neither is peace. Due to the successive moves of the Erdogan regime, bilateral relations are moving to a gray zone, where atypical forms of war are predominant. In the case of – by all indications – dispatching infected immigrants, in fact, the Turkish actions also violate the moral rules of the classical war. What difference does the use of strictly banned chemical and biological weapons have from sending a country of infected immigrants to a neighboring country?”

     With friends like Turkey, Greece does not need enemies. Is Europe to cucked to wake up?



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Saturday, 20 July 2024

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