What Makes the Vaxxes So Deadly? By Brian Simpson

The Midwestern Doctor has given his take on why vaccines in general can be deadly, having a wide range of side effects. This is of interest, since the question does not get discussed in the mainstream Australian health narrative, where "safe and effective" rule the waves. Is there a common thread to all of these injuries, or are the adverse effects somewhat distinct? The point made in the extract below is that vaccines may trigger microstrokes within the body. Blood cells clumping together is one of the main causes of strokes, and the Covid spike protein, for example has a positive charge that is highly effective at clumping fluids, such as blood together. Some of the technical details are below.

If this position is correct, that vaccines have a tendency to produce microstrokes via the clumping factor, it would constitute a powerful anti-vax argument. Of course, it is just one hypothesis, and requires further research. But be sure, there will be no funds available to investigate this. Perhaps countries outside of he West, not so dominated by Big Pharma, could take up such research?


"Many problems in medicine are ultimately a product of the diagnostic paradigm a physician brings to the situation. This holds particularly true for complex illness, which due to their complexity cannot be solved by the majority of doctors and result in the patient continually struggling with their condition.

A hallmark of complex conditions is that the same disease can cause a wide variety of symptoms depending upon the person and likewise that numerous "complex illnesses" can present with very similar symptoms (e.g., fibromyalgia vs. chronic fatigue syndrome). Because the symptoms are so varied, severe, and inexplicable, doctors who have not been specifically trained to recognize them typically won't and often will default to assuming they must be psychiatric in nature.

This very much characterizes vaccine injuries, as you can read hundreds reports from over a century ago (which I am currently compiling for an upcoming article) which describe many of the same inexplicable symptoms seen now in those with COVID-19 vaccine injuries, but simultaneously, there is immense variability between each individual report.

In turn, my interest has been in determining what the underlying mechanisms of harm could be. Presently, I believe there are four primary things which underlie vaccine injury:

1. First (as will be discussed in the upcoming article) there is a longstanding issue with vaccinations being improperly produced and contaminated with things that can injure the recipient. This in turn is why vaccine hot lots repeatedly emerge.
Note: some evidence exists (e.g., a DPT vaccine memo revealed through litigation) that this issue was largely "solved" by distributing each lot throughout the country so that it would be much harder to identify the hot ones as injuries would not cluster in a single area.

2. Because vaccines are designed to unnaturally activate the immune system, they can create longterm immunological dysfunction. This most commonly manifests through the immune system attacking the body (there is a lot of evidence tying vaccination to a myriad of autoimmune disorders), but other immunological issues (e.g., varying degrees of immune suppression) are also sometimes observed after vaccination.

3. When cells are threatened, they will sometimes enter a primitive metabolic state to protect themselves where their mitochondria stop performing their normal functions. This state is supposed to be temporary, but some (myself included) believe cells can get stuck in this response, and that an unresolved and persistent cell danger response underlies many chronic and complex conditions. In turn, when the cell danger response is treated, many severe conditions (e.g., those linked to vaccination like autism) have been observed to resolve as well.

4. Vaccines cause moderate to severe impairments of the fluid circulation of the body through impairing the physiologic zeta potential (which causes fluids like blood to clump together) and to a lesser degree by having the white blood cells enter capillaries, where, due to their larger size, they obstruct the flow of blood through the capillary.

In this newsletter, I've tried to bring attention to the subject of zeta potential as I believe it underlies a wide variety of chronic conditions, but outside of a few niche areas (e.g., designing lipid nanoparticles for drug delivery or how the ESR test works) there is no knowledge of the concept within medicine. My focus was specifically drawn to the zeta potential concept after I realized many of the mysteries of COVID-19 (and later the vaccine) were a result of the spike protein being extremely disruptive to the body's zeta potential. In short, I believe that if the zeta potential was instead recognized and understood by the medical system, patient outcomes would significantly improve." 



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Monday, 22 April 2024

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