What is the Meaning of Life? Getting a Vaccine? Was the Universe was Created Just for Vaccines! By Brian Simpson

Well, maybe that is a wee exaggeration, to claim that the entire universe has been building up to the mighty Covid vaccines, but one could be forgiven for thinking so, and I am sure the Pope would forgive such a person. Forgive me Father for I have sinned, believing that the entire point of the universe was for Covid vaccines to be created, the high point of this present civilisation. You are forgiven, sin no more my son! But, get vaccinated first!

But, on a saner note, some doctors are saying that the whole Covid thing was about the vaccine, in the beginning. If so, then imagine having thousands of new pandemics each year, like Covid, only trickier. New vaccines with nanotech, people needing to be downloaded into cyborgs, you name it. Other people escaping to Mars with Elon Muskrat, there is no limit to this! The future is so bright and exciting that we will have to wear shades, even inside! And, we have the mighty SARS CoV-2, if I got that right from memory, to thanks for the Great Reset of our very existence, and meaning of being human! Sometimes I get so excited I could dance, but then I pull a hamstring, and come crashing down, in a metaphor for what is about to come.


“Dr. Peter McCullough is an internist in cardiology and professor of medicine and in this video, he says the whole COVID-19 pandemic, from the very beginning, was about the vaccine.

“All roads lead to the vaccine,” McCullough says, with stakeholders banking on countries mandating the vaccine worldwide. “They do want a needle in every arm,” he says. But why, especially when there are known severe adverse side effects to it? People are dying from this vaccine — the internet is full of these cases — so why is it being pushed like it is?

McCollough says it’s a global goal to “mark” people, so global elitists bent on running the entire world know who you are and where you are — and so they can force the entire population into compliance.

As a physician, he, himself, is not recommending this vaccine, and other prominent virologists and physicians are calling for a stop to the program. Yet, many people are complying simply because they’re desperate to get back to the “normal” they knew before, of sending their children to school, and of leading the life they had before the pandemic.

But don’t do it, McCullough says — don’t fall for the trap because it’s only going to make things worse. “There are warnings out there saying ‘Don’t do this; don’t vaccinate the entire world.’ All we’re going to do is set ourselves up for a super bug that’s really going to wipe out populations.”

This is a bioweapon, McCollugh says, and the side effect concerns, such as blood clots, are real — “and far beyond anything we have ever seen … the vaccine’s not safe.”

We at this blog do not necessarily endorse any of the above remarks, claims or recommendations, or any other thing in particular.  Our minds are always open, so open that pigeons often fly right through our meta-consciousness. People should make up their own minds about everything. That is known being a free agent. That is what I believe. I think.




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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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