What! China with a Masculinity Problem! By Mrs Vera West

I was surprised to learn that the Chinese Ministry of Education, who criticised its young men as being “delicate, cowardly and effeminate,” a good description of Western men too, faced backlash from various interest groups. That is very odd for China, but there you go, the cultural rot of masculinity is now everywhere, except maybe Africa, but it will come.


“Chinese education officials’ call for more physical fitness classes in schools to make the country’s young men more masculine has been met with outrage by critics who say the move could result in increased domestic violence and other social problems.

Local governments and schools will soon be required to increase the number of gym teachers as well as improve teaching methods that “cultivate masculinity”, according to the Ministry of Education’s plan announced on Thursday. The initiatives aim to improve schoolboys’ mental and physical health while the ministry conducted further research, it said.”

The call to action is a response to top political adviser Si Zefu’s suggestion that the country needed to combat the increasing “feminisation” of young men who he described as “delicate, cowardly and effeminate”.






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Monday, 27 June 2022