Were Direct Energy Weapons Used to Cause the Hawaii Maui Fires? By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Rita Cook, freelance writer, has explored the question of whether Direct Energy Weapons were used as part of a conspiratorial land grab in Maui, Hawaii. This has been mentioned at various Dissent Right sites such as Infowars.com, but as speculation; supposedly blue things did not burn, which is very odd indeed.  She says that it is odd that the area is sealed off now, with large walls constructed. It is something out of a zombie apocalypse movie. As well, there are reports of witnesses seeing lasers ignite grass lands, but this is hearsay, with the witnesses keeping their heads down.


Who fired the lasers if this happened? No-one seems to be blaming communist China, so it looks like this was an attack by the US military upon the people, if this happened. There is no solid evidence that this occurred as far as I can find, but perhaps, like 9/11, some evidence will be forthcoming in the  future, one way or another.




“Have you ever heard of Direct Energy Weapons, also known as DEW?

I had heard the term, I had not put much thought into it. It’s hard to put much thought into anything these days because whatever is wreaking all the havoc on the Earth is making sure those of us living here can’t keep up.

So, this week it is Direct Energy Weapons that some (not all so save your breath if you want to argue) Hawaiians in Maui are saying is the reason for the fires this past weekend that decimated the sacred town of Lahaina.

Decimated in a way that while trees were left standing, cars, buildings and many residents were obliterated.

Conspiracy theory, I do not know but I do know the US government does have Direct Energy Weapons (come on people why do you think we have been such a badass country around the world for so long and why do you think so many countries literally hate us? 

That big bully on the block syndrome – I have heard that so many times in my 25 years of travel).

If you don’t agree do your research!

Let’s define DEW weapons; “Directed energy weapons use concentrated electromagnetic energy to combat enemy forces and assets. 

“These weapons include high energy lasers and other high power electromagnetics – such as millimeter wave and high power microwave weapons.”

And the U.S. Army, Navy, and Air Force have all worked to develop various kinds of direct energy weapons. The most prominent are high energy lasers (HEL) and high power microwaves (HPM) weapons. Go to this website page for Lockheed Martinwww.lockheedmartin.com/en-us/capabilities/directed-energy.html and you can read all about this next-gen defense.

Do you think our government would or would not use weapons on its own people?



Just a conspiracy? I am not saying either way, but do a little research on the Vietnam War, 911, earthquakes caused by HAARP because it is time to wake up. 

And when you are awake, please don’t take the next 10 years to groggily yawn and rub your eyes and ask what to do.

Residents of Lahaina have said they saw a laser beam before the fire started, there were photos. I do not know if this is accurate as I was not there.

On the other side of it one resident said there were a lot of dry trees and brush that were not cut back, and the power lines could have tumbled in the hurricane force winds and sparked the fire.

Whatever the residents are saying, for now many are just attempting to salvage what they can from the deadly fire that killed – by some reports as many as 700-plus people with many still missing whose bodies are possibly in the burned out homes or floating in the water because they drowned after they jumped into the ocean to save themselves from the fire.

And locals are saying the island, and the town of Lahaina, is not open for tourism – and yes, there are tourists who still insist on going and one local company is taking tourists out for snorkeling trips amidst the dead floating bodies.

So, let me get this straight, FEMA and the Red Cross and the National Guard will not let people come in to drop off food, medicine, living supplies but tourists can go to a resort, and go snorkeling. 

Did you know there was not much warning when the out of control fires began even though the island is next to one of the largest US military bases.

It was also reported the fire department left the fire that day claiming it was 100% contained, yet knowing the winds were going to be up to 70 miles per hour due to the hurricane in the ocean.

It is also suspicious to me that on social media people’s videos and information is getting censored if it is not following the globalist-backed narrative about the fire. 

I can tell you this firsthand because I have already had two of my TikTok posts taken down due to ‘Community Guidelines Violations” when I dueted with two locals telling their story.

Adding to the plot twist is the fact that the Hawaiian government passed a law stating these lands in Lahaina could not be redistricted for new building permits unless some type of serious natural disaster occurred. 

Hawaiian governor Josh Green said, “It does appear like a bomb and fire went off, all of those buildings will have to be rebuilt and it will be like a new Lahaina.”

He said they are so coordinated with state, county, and federal that it took less than six hours to get the approval to bring the resources in - nothing to see here. 

Oh yea, and global warming is being blamed. 

I do know locals are saying that insurance companies are telling them their burned properties were violating city code and will not be rebuilt; zoning infractions on their land so the policy will not be honored. And within 24 hours these same developers who the elders fought in court not long ago are calling these people and making them offers on their destroyed homes. 

Locals are being adamant about telling their neighbors not to sign anything from any insurance agencies or government agent. 

There are no coincidences and one local posted “FEMA will come in and make this sacred land unhabitable and locals will then have no choice but to sell their land. 

The developers will sweep in and “clean up” the land to make it inhabitable again. All Hawaiians and locals living on this land are being told not to sign anything from an insurance company, FEMA, or government agencies.”

I also know that a push for a big ‘ol 15-minute city was already underway for Maui too.

One local reported the goal of the local government is to rebuild and make the entire island of Maui a Smart Island, with the entire island governed by AI as outlined in the Digital Summit of 2023 that meeting took place in London in May of this year: dig.watch/event/digital-government-conference-2023.

Finally, if you google DEW you will find an article right now from Newsweek: www.newsweek.com/hawaii-wildfires-spark-conspiracy-theory-about-directed-energy-weapons-1819271 stating this theory about the fires is a conspiracy theory – how do they know so fast?

One person said accurately, “Anytime a propaganda article starts with a conspiracy theory by climate change deniers makes me want to believe it more.” 

The next article was a fact checked piece that said this was false about DEW being the cause of the Maui fires, but how can this be false when the local government is still saying the facts are unknown about how the fire started? 

The bottom line is I don’t know if metal and homes burn, and trees don’t during a deadly fire. 

I do know everyone is aware the Canadian fires were suspicious as are fires on the Greek Island of Rhodes where the trees are burning from the inside out. 

Oh, and the current wildfires in Houston, Washington State, Oregon, 

I’ll show myself out now because I don’t have time for the long list of coincidences. 

I will say it is not WISE to mess with the Hawaiian spirit and the ancestors on that island. 

Even if you think what I am saying is a woo woo thing, have you been to Hawaii? 

I have been many times to the islands including Lahaina and I won’t even pick up a rock and bring it home. 

If the locals are right and the government used a direct energy weapon to destroy the sacred lands and the homes of the people living, there you can be sure nature is going to retaliate accordingly with a weapon that will make the money-hungry land-grabbers and government puppets wish they had left these sacred lands and its people alone.”




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Thursday, 20 June 2024

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