Was the Covid Freak-Out Preventable? By Brian Simpson

The Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response (IPPR), has concluded that the Covid-19 plandemic could have been prevented. There was a systematic failure by both the World Health Organization and global governments to act swiftly and decisively, failing to declare a global emergency soon enough, and governments for failing to shut borders quickly. Agreed. While Fauci is blaming climate change, the great Satan of the Left, the real reason pandemics occur is due to globalization and immigration, globalising and spreading disease. Our universities would have been happy, I suppose, to have let in foreign students regardless of the risk, to keep up their revenues, and I agree with James Reed that it was fantastic to see these evillest of institutions, get smashed from the Covid crisis. James would be joyful for another 50 pandemics a year for the next century, to shut them down! Every dark cloud has a silver lining, of course.


“The coronavirus pandemic could have been prevented, according to an independent review panel.

In a report released on May 12, the Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response (IPPR) said the combined response of the World Health Organization (WHO) and of global governments was a “toxic cocktail” that allowed the pandemic to turn into a catastrophic humanitarian crisis.

The panel, which has spent the last eight months reviewing evidence on how an outbreak became a pandemic, also said in its report that the WHO should have declared a global emergency much sooner than it did.

In particular, the initial responses to the outbreak in Wuhan, China back in December 2019 lacked urgency. February 2020 also proved to be a costly “lost month” as many countries failed to heed the alarm. Without urgent change, the world would be vulnerable to another major disease outbreak, concluded the panel.

COVID-19 has infected at least 160 million people worldwide and killed more than 3.3 million.

WHO took too long to sound the alarm

The panel was co-chaired by Ellen Sirleaf, a Nobel laureate and the former president of Liberia, and Helen Clark, former prime minister of New Zealand. The panel included a total of 11 experts spanning a range of backgrounds and countries including China and the United States. Panel members were asked to represent their institutions rather than their countries.

The panel began its investigation last September and was asked to present a full report ahead of the World Health Assembly (WHA) meeting this May. The panel released their findings online as an 86-page report titled, “COVID-19: Make it the Last Pandemic.”

The report came with an evidence-based narrative that detailed 13 defining moments that have steered the course of the pandemic. In its report, the panel pointed out that the WHO took too long to declare a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC).

The WHO should have declared a PHEIC at its first meeting on Jan. 22 last year instead of on Jan. 30. For most countries, the declaration was “lost” as they failed to take timely measures to curb the outbreak.

The WHO was then hindered by its own regulations and its insistence that travel restrictions should be a last resort. Meanwhile, European countries and the U.S. wasted the entire month of February and only acted when their hospitals began filling up, the panel said.

New report echoes Trump’s jabs against WHO

The panel said nothing new as far as criticisms against the WHO go. Former President Donald Trump, a vocal critic of the organization, said the WHO and Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus were too quick to accept COVID-19 data provided by China. Trump argued that the data painted a better situation than what was actually happening, effectively downplaying the threat of the pandemic and deceiving world leaders.

Trump made headlines last July when he moved to pull the U.S. out of the WHO because of these criticisms. The U.S. State Department sent a notice to the United Nations (UN), stating that the president had been clear that the WHO “needs to get its act together.”

The WHO found itself in hot water again after it dispatched a team of experts to Wuhan to trace the virus’s origin amid speculations that it was engineered in a laboratory in the city. But the team’s findings, which were published in February, only regurgitated Chinese Communist Party theories on the virus’s origins.

In particular, the report ruled out the idea that the virus emerged from a Wuhan laboratory. Instead, it gave credit to the theory that the virus travelled around the world through imported frozen meat. This is a narrative especially pushed by Beijing as it seeks to wash its hands of the coronavirus pandemic.

Many U.S. officials, including Trump, believe that the lab-leak theory is the most plausible explanation for the virus’s emergence. However, Ghebreyesus, who was seen shaking hands with Chinese President Xi Jinping last April, said all of the theories about the virus’s origin remain on the table.

To conclude, the panel said it finds that the current system is clearly unfit to prevent another novel and highly infectious pathogen from developing into a pandemic.

The panel also urged developed countries to share one billion vaccine doses with poorer countries by September to end the current pandemic. Another billion doses should be shared before the year is up. Additionally, the panel called for steps to ease intellectual property restrictions for COVID-19 vaccines.

To address future threats, the panel proposed several bold steps. These include establishing a Global Health Threats Council, which would maintain the global commitment for pandemic preparedness, and an International Pandemic Financing Facility, which would financially support pandemic preparedness efforts.

In the presentation of the report, Sirleaf stressed the need for bold reform. “Our message is simple and clear: The current system failed to protect us from the COVID-19 pandemic. And if we do not act to change it now, it will not protect us from the next pandemic threat, which could happen at any time.”

Then we have the even stranger spectacle of CNN critiquing Beijing Biden for shutting down the probe into Covid’s origins. But, to be fair, he was only doing what his masters told him to do! And, I have lost track as to whether the Biden administration is paying lip service to an investigation now. Better ask the CCP, their boss:


“Fake news giant CNN has ripped into Joe Biden for halting a State Department probe launched by former President Donald Trump into the origins of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Hunter’s dad canceled the investigation because it aimed to get to the bottom of whether or not the Chinese Virus came from a laboratory in Wuhan as opposed to bats at a wet market, the latter being what Democrats were claiming when this whole thing first started.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was among the first to accuse communist China of “leaking” the novel virus from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), which received funding from Anthony Fauci to conduct illegal gain of function research on bat coronaviruses.

Because Trump and his cabinet were suggesting that the Wuhan Flu came from the WIV, and Democrats were claiming that it came naturally from bats at a meat market (the CCP’s official line), the mainstream media naturally sided with the leftist narrative – until now.

All of a sudden, corporate media outlets like CNN are suggesting that the Chinese Virus may, in fact, have come from the lab. Even Fauci is admitting this after being repeatedly grilled by Sen. Rand Paul for lying about his involvement with illegal gain of function research.

“The existence of the State Department inquiry and its termination this spring by the Biden administration – neither of which has been previously reported – comes to light amid renewed interest in whether the virus could have leaked out of a Wuhan lab with links to the Chinese military,” CNN reported.

“The Biden administration is also facing scrutiny of its own efforts to determine if the Chinese government was responsible for the virus.”

Joe Xiden is nothing but a puppet for the Chinese Communist Party

China Joe being put on blast like this by CNN, of all outlets, is simply shocking. It so rattled the fake “commander-in-chief” that he has since changed his mind and decided to resume the investigation so as to not look even stupider than we all know he already is.

CNN actually printed the words “biological weapons program” and “China” in the same sentence, which represents a major paradigm shift in the way the media is handling this apparently sensitive issue.

One would think that Americans of all stripes would want to know the truth about this situation, regardless of their political leanings. But thanks to leftist corruption and manipulation, millions of Americans were told that even suggesting that the Chinese Virus may have leaked from a Chinese lab is “Trump thinking,” which scared a lot of them away from even entertaining the idea.

Now, the corporate media is trying to soften them up to the notion that an honest inquiry into the matter is a bipartisan affair, and not something of which to be afraid, even if Trump – gasp! – also agrees that we should search out the truth.

As you may recall, Sleepy Joe himself was openly critical of Trump last spring for suggesting that the Wuhan Flu may have come from a Chinese lab. Biden falsely and bizarrely claimed at the time that Trump “rolled over for the Chinese,” even though it is Biden who is a slave puppet for the Xi Jinping regime.

“Could it be that Joe doesn’t want the American people to know that the release of covid was orchestrated to usher in mail in voting in order for the big steal to be successful?” asked one commenter at Breitbart News.

“Joe is good at shutting down investigations. It’s kinda his thing. Just ask Ukrainian energy companies,” wrote another.”

Roger to that!





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