Warzone, Australia By Tom North

     This stunning article by Andrew Bolt alerts us to some of the implications of immigration/refugeeism:

“A memo was circulated to Victoria Police members this week expressing concerns about a “deliberate ploy” by groups of teenagers to “lure” officers into backstreets to attack them.
According to the memo, officers in a patrol car in Tarneit tailing a vehicle driven by a boy as young as 13 saw up to 40 teens of African appearance running towards a lane way.
“Police saw a group of Africans who were being very hostile ... as the vehicle approached Destiny Lane, a group of 30-40 Africans ran towards Destiny Lane,’’ it said.
“It’s believed this was a deliberate ploy to lure police into the lane way, with no escape or exit paths unless they drove through (a) group of people … (where they could be) easily surrounded.’’

The latest mass brawl by African youths, following the riot by more than 100 African youths in St Kilda earlier this month:

ROOMS have been trashed during a wild party in Werribee that only ended when riot police were called in.
Rocks and metal poles were thrown at officers as the out-of-control house party turned violent overnight, with the dried residue from riot police capsicum spray marking walls and blinds...
Police say four girls rented out the house on Airbnb and word spread of an open house during a basketball tournament this week.
It’s understood a western suburbs gang known as Menace To Society gatecrashed the house and allegedly assaulted two 17-year-old girls...
Neighbours have told the Herald Sun bus loads of more than 100 people of African appearance between the ages of 14 and early 20s woke up their street demanding to know where the party was.
Yet police command still insists there is no “ethnic” dimension to this massive crime wave.
The police evasion and the softness is astonishing.”

     Indeed it is. And, the riots continue, and are likely to get worse in the future, when economic conditions take a further nose dive:



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Tuesday, 09 August 2022