Warnings of Economic Collapse By James Reed

     I am in fear and trembling about writing about economics since I always get it wrong, you know, I think that national and personal debt is a problem, but that is conventional thinking. Ok, I plead ignorance. But, there are a lot of other ignorant people out there that are worried, so this might be of interest, although the experts might want to move on going back to their differential equation models of their economy.

“Traditional Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson’s latest missive should be a wake-up call for those who naively believe that the worst is behind for the US and Western economies after the March financial sell off and the long-anticipated implosion of the bubble economy. His Excellency asserts that the US and much of the world are on a financial precipice: At this moment the United States has been brought to the brink of a tremendous economic crisis, and with the USA, the rest of the world. Bishop Williamson contends that it has not only been the response to the virus, but more importantly, the response to the bursting of the financial bubble, created by the Fed, which will ultimately lead to a cataclysmic collapse: By 2019 as the public was more and more hooked on fantasy money, the Fed’s public balance sheet took off into complete unreality, seven trillion dollars and counting, and it is now crashing the real economy with the corona-panic, then ‘paying’ the crash debts that everybody gets into with its unreal trillions, but turning the whole world into real slaves. The bishop’s brief analysis of the history of the Fed is right on as he explains that the central bank has been the engine of monetary mischief since its inception: These money men had promised that the Fed . . . would solve the problem of reoccurring economic crises. . . . It did nothing of the kind. On the contrary, it made them even worse, like the Great Depression of 1929 and the years following, and now the Depression of the 2020s which risks making 1929 look like a picnic, and risks stripping the United States of its prosperity and enslaving its liberty by making all American citizens into debt-slaves. The middle class will soon be no more. One quibble: Bishop Williamson rightly sees the problem of the money supply controlled by “private individuals” (central banksters): It is not normal for private citizens to control their State’s money because they risk doing so in their own interests, and not for the common good. Yet, the alternative – State control – is no better and, under “democratic conditions,” maybe even worse considering the State’s horrific record in the debasement of money, the creation of booms and busts, hyperinflations, the destruction of savings, etc.”

     This article then went on to rattle on about the only sound economy being based upon gold and silver, But I know that that is not the answer, from listening to Eric Butler, I know the answer is social credit. If you want a confusing answer I could give it, but the alor.org website has oodles of great stuff able to enlighten even people like me, so you know that is good.

     Then there is the threat of China, which could blow at any time, especially when the US is at civil war … sure, that is indeed when it will all happen.

“The Chinese regime “poses the greatest threat to world order,” Britain’s Chief of Defence Intelligence told British media on Sunday. Lt. Gen. Jim Hockenhull, speaking at the first media briefing at the UK’s Defence Intelligence hub based at the Royal Air Force base in Wyton, Cambridgeshire, discussed how “global players such as Russia and China continually challenge the existing order without prompting direct conflict, operating in the expanding grey-zone between war and peacetime,” the Ministry of Defence said in a statement. While Hockenhull saw Russia as posing “the greatest military and geopolitical threat to European security,” he reserved the starkest warning for China’s communist regime, The Telegraph reported. China is “increasingly authoritarian and assertive,” he said. “It poses the greatest threat to world order, seeking to impose Chinese standards and norms and using its economic power to influence and subvert, backed up by massive investment in modernizing its armed forces.” According to The Sun, Hockenhull said that Beijing had accelerated its modernization of the military since Xi Jinping came to power in 2013.”

     This is our great trading partner, who has consumed Australian resources like there is no reason to think that this country wants to have any beyond this century. Of course, Australia is just an economic unit, to be used and burnt up like anything else. Anyway, as my cranky namesake, Freddy Reed says, it is planet of the apes:



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Thursday, 13 June 2024

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