Wacking Wakandaism: Black Panther Blows Up in Their Faces By Brian Simpson

     When it was announced that there was scientific research indicating that ancient Egyptians were more closely genetically related to Europeans than black Africans, the mainstream media, did not raise a murmur and let the story die quickly in one media cycle:

     However, the claim that ancient Britons were black skinned and blue eyed excited their politically correct interests and was given maximum exposure, especially with the Black Panther movie being released. As I noted in a previous article, this movie was relentlessly promoted by the establishment, with seemingly sanctions for bad reviews:

     The plot involves a secret African nation Wakanda which is the most technologically advanced place on Earth, with the average spear having more tech than, well, the whole of Western society, as I think one of the TV cartoons put it. The Black Panther is king, but black bad guy Killmonger wants the high tech Wakandans to wage war on the evil Whites. He gets defeated, end of movie, apart from fights and explosions. There was controversy generated by a good review given here:

which compared the Black Panther king to a nationalist like Donald Trump, allegedly just wanting his peole to live alone, and Killmonger who is like Black Lives matter. That really got up their noses. What I found absurd about the whole Black Panther ideology, since reading Fantastic Four # 52 in July 1966, which introduced the Panther is that the hypothesis of Wakanda is contradictory. Consider the main actors take on this:

“South African actor John Kani, who plays King T’Chaka, told NBC News that this movie has a deeper meaning for non-Americans and people living in Africa. “This movie will prove to the colonialists that if they had not interfered with Africa, we’d be so far advanced, may make them believe we built those pyramids in Egypt. No alien did them,” Kani said. “The metaphor is, Africa has great potential. Africa no longer relates to the world with a bag and bone. We’re looking for interaction and trade, not aid.”…

The idea of Wakanda and the Wakandan people serve as pure inspiration. Wakanda, as a model of the growth of the natural brilliance of an African nation that was never interfered with by the outside world coming in to colonize, to strip of its resources, to change their way of life – is an African utopia.”

     Imagine if the West really did follow this advice and cut foreign aid and immigration. It is, in fact, a good idea. But, if they were so technologically superior, then how did the evil white colonist defeat them? And, why didn’t they help develop the rest of Africa, to prevent evil like the slave trade? The answer given in the comics is that the Wakandans made a pact with the Europeans to be left alone, so that they were then free to colonise Africa. Killmonger takes the Black Lives matter view that blacks are victims of whites and that a violent reckoning is needed. The Black Panther wants a peaceful resolution. He wins, which will be severely disappointing to the politically correct crowd, but I think they are too insane by now to recognise it.



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Friday, 12 July 2024

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