Votes in the Dust Bin of History By Charles Taylor

     The ever-disgusting mainstream media have been poo-pooing Trump’s claim that the Democrats are up to electoral fraud with the mail in voting scam. What, us, cheat?! Well, Breitbart, and other conservative and patriot sites have been covering the lying and cheating for some time. The is too much to do the usual cut and paste segment job, but the URLs are informative enough; Democrat voter fraud everywhere, but CNN and the mainstream media are deaf to it, surprise, surprise. This is how they are planning on sealing the fate of the West. Here is a recent sample:

     The script of this play is pretty easy to see, as if Trump romps back in, there will be corrupt mail votes suddenly overturning election results.  Civil war is inevitable, and as natural as any immune system defence, or to use another metaphor Aussies know, like a bushfire racing through the undergrowth and rubbish left from past seasons.



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Sunday, 23 June 2024

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