Vaccinations of the Mind: The Pre-Bunking Dystopia of the European Commission, By Richard Miller (London)

President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, wants to go beyond de-bunking of material which she and her globalist cabal see as problematic and move to the next level of pre-bunking. For example, given Pfizergate, where she did a dream deal with Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, that has surfaced and is presently causing her pollical pain, as she is refusing to hand over incriminating text messages, she would want the missing message issue to be defined by the fact checkers as a conspiracy, and hence misinformation. The official narrative on a topic will determine what is true, and what is not, not some reference to externally validated "facts." As von der Leyen has said: "Instead of treating a virus, once it has taken hold - that is debunking - it is much better to vaccinate so that body is inoculated. Pre-bunking is the same approach."

In the world of pre-bunking, the problematic ideas never even get a chance to be heard. That is what lies behind the present globalist rants about "misinformation."

"This video [see link below] shows President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen's, dystopian plan to "pre-bunk" citizens.

De-bunking is no longer working for Ursula because when somebody sees the truth and is then told it's a lie, that doesn't really work.

For example, Von der Leyen would want the story about her personally negotiated Pfizer vaccine deal with CEO Albert Bourla, to be de-bunked and disappear. She (along with the European Commission) has refused to hand over text messages "not only to journalists, but even to the EU Ombudsman and the EU Court of Auditors".

In the President's ideal world, a fact checker would be told the official position and they would report that all Von der Leyen's dealings with Bourla were above board and the missing texts are just a conspiracy theory.

But we have gone past that point already and too many people are aware of the facts for them to be debunked.

So instead, Ursula doesn't want you to ever think these thoughts. She wants them pre-bunked before they ever enter your brain.

"Pre-bunking", if it's going to be effective, basically involves defining an official government-backed "truth" in order to define opposing viewpoints as "disinformation".

It's fundamentally different from debunking because debunking involves exposing the falseness of an information that's existing out there, with proofs and rigor. For pre-bunking however, by definition there's nothing to debunk because it's a process that occurs before.

Which means it's a fundamentally different approach to dealing with our understanding of the world we live in: rather than constructing it based on existing facts which we try to analyze and derive meaning from, she wants our understanding of the world to be based on an official narrative. And when facts do finally occur, to analyze them through the framework of that narrative. It essentially brings us back to a world before the enlightenment, where religion and myths defined our understanding of the world instead of approaching it with rationality. It would be the triumph of dogma vs seeking truth from facts.

Arnaud Bertrand

Ursula says pre-bunking is much more successful than debunking, the reason being is that your brain never actually processes the information to determine whether or not you think it is true. Your brain simply pushes the facts to one side if it doesn't fit the pre-bunked narrative, before your conscious self even realises what has happened.

And as is all the trend at the moment, Von der Leyen compares information that she doesn't like to a virus. "Instead of treating a virus, once it has taken hold - that is debunking - it is much better to vaccinate so that body is inoculated. Prebunking is the same approach".

First, they wanted to vaccinate your body, now they want to vaccinate your mind." 



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Wednesday, 24 July 2024

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