Vaccinate Like Good Kiddies or No Freedoms and be Seen as Domestic Terrorists! By Mrs Vera West

Here is more on how the Covid biofascist state will eliminate democracy, as it moves along the communist China lines. Sheer fear will make the sheeple surrender freedoms, as we have already seen. The following is an example of the thought pattern of the new class.


“CNN provided a platform for NYU medical ‘ethics’ professor Arthur Caplan Sunday, who argued that Americans skeptical of taking the COVID vaccine will soon come around and accept it if their freedoms otherwise remain restricted.

Caplan continued “Vaccine passports do require access; it’s hard to impose anything unless you are pretty sure that somebody can get a vaccine. So I think it’ll be a little while before we see this, let’s say within the U.S.”

“But there are going to be communities and areas of the country where it starts to make sense due to high availability of the vaccine to say, ‘you wanna come back to work in person? Gotta show me a vaccine certificate. You wanna go in a bar, a restaurant? Gotta show me a vaccine certificate,’” he added.


When asked about the dangers of a two tier society, and who can get access to the vaccine, Caplan stated “I think there will be some inequality in the U.S., but hopefully it’ll wash out quickly as the supplies increase very rapidly, I think they’re going to.”

Caplan predicted that “the world won’t wait for vaccine passports” until all countries are ready, and that they will be put into place regardless of whether poorer or less equipped countries can be a part of the system.

As we reported last week, New York City has unveiled a vaccine passport system in conjunction with IBM, trialling it at two sports events so far.

Covid passport systems, which we have been covering for months now, are being rapidly adopted worldwide both domestically and for international travel, despite the fact that the immunity status of vaccinations is not yet extensively known, and despite warnings that such schemes could lead to mass discrimination against those who choose not to take the shot.”

“California Sen. Richard Pan, a Democrat, is once again infringing health freedom with a new op-ed in The Washington Post that calls people who resist Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccination “domestic terrorists.”

Big Pharma hack who singlehandedly removed both religious and medical exemptions from vaccination in California, Pan believes that anti-vaccine “extremism” is a threat to the republic, requiring even more authoritarianism from the government.

We will not link to WaPo directly so as not to support the fake news rag, but Pan wrote in it that “steps” need to be taken to “limit” the “impact” of vaccine resistance among the populace. Experimental Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) gene therapy injections, which the medical establishment is calling “vaccines,” need to get “into people’s arms,” Pan says, and those who oppose them are getting in the way of this agenda.

“This campaign to deny potentially lifesaving vaccines to those seeking them, and to poison public opinion against vaccinations, could result in countless American deaths,” Pan fear-mongers in his article. “This is akin to domestic terrorism.”

Pan is referring, here, to protesters who showed up at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles to warn people against getting jabbed with experimental messenger RNA (mRNA) injections that reprogram DNA. These jabs come with no liability to their manufacturers in the event of injury or death, it turns out, and they have not undergone the normal safety testing process since they received emergency use authorization (EUA) from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“Public health officials, police and fire departments must join hands with a common goal of securing vaccination sites for patients,” Pan contends. “Laws need to be strengthened to deter such actions … Laws have been in place for years creating buffer zones to distance protesters from abortion clinics – legislation that has withstood plenty of court challenges.”

If Pan gets his way, those who oppose Chinese virus injections will be treated like criminals who deserve jail time. He also wants social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to continue cracking down on free speech, even as he claims to be supportive of the First Amendment.

“Corporate owners of these platforms can moderate and close down groups that promote disinformation and endanger lives. Why don’t these companies treat anti-vaccine activists the same way?” Pan laments.

Pan’s ideology is better suited for a communist country such as China where all free speech is “moderated” by the government. America’s founding fathers would have overthrown someone like Pan and banished him from the country for threatening to stamp out freedom and liberty in the pursuit of “public health.”

Public health, by the way, has become a catch-all concept to justify all sorts of encroachment against individual liberty. The powers that be carefully crafted a narrative about a contagious virus that can only be stopped if everyone “does their part,” and this is now being used to stamp out the Bill of Rights and replace it with full-scale communism.

The good news is that many people are aware of this agenda and are bravely speaking out against it.

“The only domestic terrorist here is the author of this steaming pile of crap,” wrote one commenter at The Washington Post, referring to Pan and his garbage article.

“Extremism is forcing vaccination through societal restraints, knowing that the covid vaccine has been associated with death and disability, for which there is no liability, and no right to trial by jury and no proper recourse,” wrote another.”

The above opinions are those of Natural, but still illustrate the point that freedom is draining away. Totalitarianism is here, and it came quickly.



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Friday, 19 August 2022