Universities: Black Lives Only By Charles Taylor

     The US universities are way down the path of no-return destruction, which must serve as a lesson for Australia, where the universities have become, as one writer, John Roskam, has put it, “intellectual deserts”:

“Australia's university students are beginning to realise what's happening because they see it in class every day. According to a survey of 500 students commissioned by the Institute of Public Affairs, 31 per cent of respondents have been made to feel uncomfortable by their university teacher for expressing an opinion. Even more damning, 58 per cent of students feel they are more exposed to new ideas on social media than at university. Before too long Australia's universities could be hit by another crisis — a financial one. In 2017, 27 per cent of students enrolled in Australian universities were from overseas and 32 per cent of those students were from China. Analysis by the Centre for Independent Studies reveals at that at University of Sydney, Chinese students account for more than 20 per cent of the university's revenue. Many would argue such a revenue model is unsustainable and that short-term economic profit has taken priority over the maintenance of quality. Australia's universities need to keep in mind that when institutions are in crisis one of two things happens. Institutions reform or they die.”

     Well, they are going to die, and should. Here is the US piece of absurdity:

“In an effort to be more “inclusive” and promote “equality,” the University of Michigan-Dearborn recently hosted “black only events” where people of color were encouraged to “discuss their experience as students on campus.” The meeting allows “people of color” to discuss how they are marginalized in a predominantly white society. In order to promote “racial unity” and “social justice,” the university took it a step further and punished white students by segregating them into a different group called non-POC (people of color). The University explained that the event will occur on a bi-monthly basis, on the first Tuesday of every other month. The non-POC group was set up to encourage white people to brainstorm solutions to racism and other issues they find within their non-POC community. A non-POC staff member is assigned to facilitate the group discussions to ensure that the white students remain respectful. All other students of color, nationality and heritage were allowed in the BIPOC group, which stands for black, indigenous and people of color. This group was set up to give a platform to “marginalized” racial, ethnic and cultural communities. In the group, marginalized “people of color” are encouraged to discuss their experience of being a victim in a world dominated by white people. University separates white people so they can discuss their inherent racism “without harming or relying on students of color to educate them” The school has since pulled down any information about the groups online and offered an apology for segregating students under the façade of being more inclusive. A university spokesperson responded to Breitbart News. UM-Dearborn sincerely regrets the terms used to describe the “cafe” events held on September 8. The terms used to describe these virtual events and the descriptions themselves were not clear and not reflective of the university’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.”

The spokesperson continued:

University of Michigan-Dearborn is committed to fostering and maintaining an inclusive campus environment and encourages ongoing dialogue amongst our students, faculty and staff on challenging issues. As campus activities continue to operate in a predominantly remote capacity due to COVID-19, our Center for Social Justice and Inclusion has looked to develop virtual spaces that allow for these important conversations to continue. The University of Michigan is not hosting a conversation. They are dividing people by race, contributing to racial tensions. With this stunt, the University of Michigan-Dearborn has endorsed segregation and is fanning the flames of racism toward people with lighter skin tones. This is being accomplished first by separating people with lighter skin tones and then by making them feel ashamed of their heritage and race. The racial division is exacerbated by encouraging people of color to feel as if they have been marginalized, as if they are owed reparations from white people.

The university’s intentions of racial shaming were further revealed by their spokesperson:

The original intent was to provide students from marginalized communities a space that allowed for them to exist freely without having to normalize their lives and experiences, while also providing students that do not identify as persons of color the opportunity to deepen their understanding of race and racism without harming or relying on students of color to educate them. The University of Michigan is openly segregating white people, to force them to feel guilt for their inherent racism. The university believes that whites need to be isolated and educated on how racist they are “without harming” students of color. The university believes this is the safest way for whites to admit their sins of racism without “students of color” needing “to educate them.” After being questioned about their endorsement of segregation, the university now claims that both groups are open to everyone and that no one is being racially segregated or screened by race.”

     And over at the University of Edinburgh, Enlightenment philosopher David Hume (1711-1776), who said many common-sense things about race, all of which would get up the snouts of the woke crowd today, is getting his deconstruction retribution:

“Edinburgh University has renamed its David Hume Tower over the philosopher's "comments on matters of race". The building, which will be used as a student study space this academic year, will now be known as 40 George Square. An online petition claiming David Hume "wrote racist epithets" and calling for the building to be renamed has been signed more than 1,700 times. The university said Hume's comments on race, "though not uncommon at the time, rightly cause distress today." The decision was announced in a statement on the work of its equality and diversity committee and its race equality and anti-racist sub-committee. It said its work had been "energised" since the death in the US of George Floyd and campaigning by the Black Lives Matter movement. A number of cities have been reviewing the way in which public statues glorify figures associated with slavery and the colonial era, after a series of Black Lives Matter demonstrations. In Bristol, a statue of slave trader Edward Colston was removed by protesters in June. And in Edinburgh, it has been proposed to dedicate a controversial Henry Dundas monument to those enslaved because of his actions. New signage will explain that Dundas was "instrumental in deferring the abolition of the Atlantic slave trade".

     The hard truth here is that the normies in the suburbs, the good men who do nothing, are allowing this to occur, and this is the beginnings of the dismantling of Western civilisation. Thus, the normies who survive the collapse, and most won’t, should not complain when a new order, something they may not exactly like, arises from the barbarian ashes to undermine the existing New World Order, or what remains of it, once it self-destructs.



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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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