UK Covid-1984 Tyranny By Richard Miller

Beware my Australian friends, the UK is definitely testing ground for medical fascism, even further down the road to hell than the US, with coming likely mandatory Covid-1984 vaccinations or alternatively, no access to public life, vaccination status on passports, and mass surveillance. The foul wind will blow your way.

“In the UK, people might soon not be able to access public spaces such as restaurants, sports stadiums, and movie theaters without proof of coronavirus vaccination through an app. So, while the vaccine could be optional, Britons who choose not to take it might face major restrictions in access to public life if they can’t produce the app when requested.

Nadhim Zahawi, a member of parliament who was recently tasked with the deployment of the coronavirus vaccine, warned that businesses would require proof of COVID-19 vaccination from customers before they enter, similar to the current QR code scanning for contact tracing. In other words, once a vaccine is approved, Britons will require “immunity passports.”

Zahawi confirmed that the department of health was looking to develop immunity passports.

“We are looking at the technology,” he said speaking to the BBC. He added that such technology would be “a way of people being able to inform their GP (physician) that they have been vaccinated.”

“But I also think you’ll probably find that restaurants and bars and cinemas and other venues, sports venues, will probably also use that system – as they have done with the app.”

Zahawi also confirmed the vaccine would not be compulsory but hinted that those who choose not to might face many restrictions.

“I think it is right that it is voluntary. People have to be allowed to decide for themselves whether they want to be vaccinated or otherwise. But, I think the very strong message that you will see, this is the way we return the whole country, and so it’s good for your family, it’s good for your community, it’s good for your country to be vaccinated. And, ultimately people will have to make a decision,” he explained.

The head of the NHS Test and Trace system, Baroness Dido Harding who was CEO of the communications group TalkTalk during one of the biggest data breaches in UK history, said that her team was working on updating the app so that it could show the vaccination status.

Speaking to the Times, she said that she was hoping that “in the future to be able to have a single record as a citizen of your test results and whether you’ve been vaccinated.”

This news comes amid rumors that a coronavirus vaccination might be approved in the UK in the coming days. On Monday, Moderna submitted its vaccine candidate, which is supposedly 94 percent effective, to regulators in Europe and the UK for emergency approval. MHRA, the UK regulator is also expected to approve Pfizer’s vaccine candidate soon.

However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has not publicly endorsed immunity passports. But he did tout “freedom passes” for people who repeatedly test negative for the virus. In a press conference last week, he acknowledged the “system [freedom pass] is untried” and “there are many unknowns.”

“But if it works, we should be able to offer people who test negative the prospect of greater freedoms – to meet up in certain contexts with others who have tested negative,” the PM explained.

“Xantura, a private data analytics company, has signed highly lucrative and by the looks of things highly privacy-invasive deals with local governments in British towns, whose goal is to spy on residents who might be breaking Covid rules.

The profiling program, dubbed OneView, is supposed to track people in order to predict who is most likely to get infected with the virus by not obeying lockdown rules.

Xantura boasted that it had millions of pieces of data collected during its previous 12 years of working with local councils – and that this is now a set big enough to make its algorithms “incredibly accurate.”

But an investigation by the Daily Mail shows there is concern that Xantura is harvesting massive amounts of sensitive personal information, and doing it for no good reason.

This data comes from local councils and the algorithms seem to be attempting to build a complete profile of an individual’s personality and circumstances, in order to predict how they might react to Covid restrictions.

Among the pieces of sensitive data that have been harvested so far, said to now be reaching millions of details, is information about people’s family debt, income, living arrangements, and even school absences. In addition Xantura tracks “unfaithful and unsafe sex, emotional health and wellbeing, sleep issues and dangerous pets, anger management issues and socially unacceptable behavior,” the report said.

Privacy groups like Big Brother Watch but also some British MPs fail to understand why so much detailed private data is needed to achieve the goal of predicting the spread of Covid, and also want to see more transparency around the whole controversy.

Big Brother Watch see this case as evidence that the pandemic has given rise to widespread mass surveillance that is now becoming a trend, adding that local authorities are handling this amount of personal data in a nontransparent fashion, without allowing people to know how it is used and how it might affect their lives.

Meanwhile, UK’s Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy who works with Xantra said this profiling program was building on Operation Shield, geared towards people “with high clinical need” – whereas OneView wants to “identify those most vulnerable to the social and economic impact of the pandemic.”

But conservative MP Steve Baker was not impressed with this explanation, wondering if this was the way his fellow citizens wanted to live – “under the gaze of machines deciding what public services we shall be entitled to?”

“Clearly there are potential benefits in getting help to people that need it – but we need to be reassured how that help is being decided on,” Baker added.”

1984 was mild in comparison to what our elites haver in store for us.



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Monday, 22 April 2024

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