Turnbull Got Something Right on Recognition By Jim Jones, Your Local Butcher

     The chattering class have been screaming loud about Mal Turnbull’s decision to abandon the report recommending an indigenous advisory voice to parliament, along with a separate commission to oversee “treaty-making and truth-telling.” “Truth-telling”? That smacks of something out of South Africa, doesn’t it?

Let me quote from the above article:

“Uproar followed Thursday’s cabinet decision to abandon the report that was delivered by Mr Leibler, co-chairwoman Pat Anderson and the council after exhaustive regional indigenous meetings and a constitutional convention at Uluru in May. The report recommended an indigenous advisory “voice” to parliament and a separate Makarrata commission to oversee treaty-making and truth-telling.
Mr Leibler said he was “deeply disappointed” with the Prime Minister’s decision and how it was announced — via a newspaper leak on the day of a report on indigenous funding.
“By arguing that this body would ‘inevitably become seen as a third chamber of parliament’, the rationale for the government’s decision is mischievous,” Mr Leibler said. “It is a serious concern that the bipartisanship maintained through this decade-long debate is now broken.”
Mr Pearson, a Referendum Council member, accused Mr Turnbull of reversing his previous position of support for the body which he had given in a personal meeting when he was communications minister.  Mr Pearson, writing in The Weekend Australian today, said the reversal came out of political weakness against an assault by Tony Abbott and a collapse in the Prime Minister’s political confidence since the 2009 Godwin Grech affair.
Mr Pearson lamented the fact that the recognition debate was “another stalking horse for Abbott’s unremitting war on Turnbull’’.
He said the government decision represented a waste of 10 years’ hard work. “The rejection is a tragedy for Australia,’’ he said. “Turnbull has killed recognition, likely for years to come.”

     We can only hope so, but when Labor gets in, next election, we will face this and more horrors. They are working away now in Labor “camps” thinking up new things to make Australia even more politically correct than in the Gillard/Ruddy days. Meanwhile, as always, the sheeple graze and snooze, oblivious to their coming fate.  I know a lot about sheep too, being a butcher by trade.



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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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