Trump Therapy! by Chris Knight

One of the most delightful things about the US election, is having a cold beer and watching the liberal fallout. In America university campuses are having collective “cry ins,” and students are able to pat “comfort dogs” to help their stress levels. Mike Adams has said in a recent Natural article (, that these sensitive snowflakes will be eliminated by natural section in the next major existential survival event, such as a global economic collapse. Isn’t that sad, bringing a tear to one’s eye? I don’t know about you, but my box of tissues is empty.

This is a generation produced by the baby boomers, who have never had to be in contact with cold hard reality, as past generations did, who tamed a savage land, built civilisation and defended it. They are the generation of levelling and destruction, who have been spoilt rotten, and now are rotten, as seen in their temper tantrums on the streets of America, and even Australia. Only a people corrupted by affluence would behave in this way.

Janet Albrechtsen (The Australian, November 23, 2016, p. 12), gives a good example of a baby boomer exhibiting the morality of hypocrisy. She said:

“In Australia, Roz Ward, the Marxist academic from La Trobe University, provided a living, breathing, berating insight into the Left’s hypocrisy. The woman who is responsible for the Safe Schools program in Victoria, embraced by Victorian Labor Premier Daniel Andrews, took to the streets of Melbourne to protest against Trump and then physically harassed a man wearing a Trump hat. Ward exposed the fact she’s not interested in anti-bullying but instead is committed to the new fascism where dissent from her views is not tolerated.”

The same point can be made for most academics in both Australia and the United States.

Now we have a taste of Trump fever in Australia. The corporation Price waterhouseCoopers, which when you type the name on Word gives an error, is offering counselling/therapy to staff who may be suffering from the effects in their heads of Donald Trump’s US election victory. This was because Trump held values contrary to PwC’s culture of “care” “diversity and inclusion.” US corporations such as Apple and General Electric have done much the same, at least by way of statements. (The Weekend Australian, November 19-20, 2016, p. 1)

Let us hope that all staff take advantage of this most generous offer of counselling/therapy. Perhaps every day; maybe many times a day! Perhaps there won’t even be time for work at all! Then the firm could move into the counselling/therapy business, vacating whatever it is they do? And imagine, just imagine, how much therapy will be needed when we have a One Nation government! Don’t expect much global corporate work to get done then.
Way to go PwC!



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Sunday, 24 September 2023

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