Trump Rediscovers that Globalism Does Not Work By Charles Taylor

     While Trump back in 2016, gave speeches against globalism, written by Steve Bannon, who was then quickly disposed of after the election, as Trump moved his son-in-law into the main ruling position, he seems to have learnt a few things about globalism and national strategic control, mainly of supply chains. It does not make much sense to let bitter rival, commo China, make your vitals:

“President Donald Trump said Saturday the biggest lesson of the coronavirus crisis was that the United States should not rely on China for their supply chains. “We’ve learned a lot about supply chains,” Trump said. “We’ve learned that it’s nice to make things in the U.S., I’ve been saying that for a long time.” The president discussed the issue during the White House press briefing, recalling he ran for president on the dangers of America’s dependence on bad trade deals and foreign countries while gutting our country’s industries. “If one thing comes out of this more than anything else is that we should make product in the United States,” he said. Trump noted that he also promised as a candidate to be tough on China and successfully pressured them with tariffs to make an important trade deal. “With China, we made the deal, and it became friendly, but then this happened,” he recalled.”

     If Trump wants to best a senile old man, he needs to stop acting like Biden, and get a dose of manhood and actually get this sort of soft-core nationalism rolling before America disappears under the sands of history.

“President Donald Trump warned Sunday that if former Vice President Joe Biden wins the presidency, Iran and China would take charge. The president commented after he was asked by a reporter about Iran. “If Joe Biden got in, they’d own America,” Trump said, referring to the former President Barack Obama administration’s soft approach to Iran. “Between them and China and Japan and Mexico and Canada, they’d own America. You would not have a country left if he got in.”

     This great orange dope needs to understand that much of this is already happening in America. Like most of the West, is already in the 11th hour before midnight, when darkness falls forever. Time to wake up or die, for the endgame of the deracinated cucked world of the Left, will be to be crushed by communist China. And, the ordinary Chinese people are just as oppressed as us.



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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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