Trump Needs to Go “Nuclear” By Charles Taylor

One thing that Trump has is a forest of classified dirt on all sorts of people who would not like to be exposed. Now, of course the Deep State controlled FBI and CIA will not cooperate, but the Trump admin should have enough material to give heartburn, if not heart attacks, to many in the swamp. So, release the Kraken!

“Ex-CIA Director John Brennan wants Donald Trump out of office before his term is up. Brennan is worried that Trump might declassify everything he has on their illegal spying operations, unloading all damning Intel about the corruption within Washington, the CIA, the FBI and the other alphabet agencies.

Trump could demand that his executive cabinet members declassify all the evidence on Brennan, Peter Strzok, James Comey, Carter Page, and the rest of the Obama’s administration’s illegal surveillance operations that spied on Trump’s campaign and probed into the lives of countless American patriots who were targeted as enemies.

Will Trump drop major bombshells on the intelligence community in the coming months?

If everything is declassified, corruption would be exposed across the agencies, leading to an institutional collapse that would devastate the American government. The Intel dump would expose illegal activities by both Republicans and Democrats, unwinding decades of corruption that have engulfed well-intentioned politicians for years.

It’s hard to imagine Trump’s closest cabinet members wanting to reveal such devious machinations. Most of his closest cabinet members would refuse to support such a massive release of confidential corruption and would rather protect the D.C. swamp. However, because Trump is unconventional, he could do the unthinkable. He could subvert the moles in his administration and deliver unredacted Intel on the most nefarious crimes committed by enemies of the republic. This is one of the rare chances for Americans to learn about systemic crimes and corruption within the intelligence community — an opportunity to break the chains of a government that never served them in the first place.

Trump could unravel the greatest intergovernmental crimes in recent US history

If Trump was truly a great President, he would inform the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, to set up a full intelligence briefing on the following documents (unredacted). This list is courtesy of The Conservative Tree House:

  • All versions of the Carter Page FISA applications (DOJ) (FBI) (ODNI)
    • All of the Bruce Ohr 302’s filled out by the FBI (FBI) (ODNI)
    • All of Bruce Ohr’s emails (FBI) (DOJ) (CIA) (ODNI)
    • All relevant documents pertaining to the supportive material within the FISA application (FBI) (DOJ-NSD ) (DoS) (CIA) (DNI) (NSA) (ODNI)
    • All supportive documents and material provided by Bruce Ohr to the FBI (FBI)
    • All intelligence documents that were presented to the Gang of Eight in 2016 that pertain to the FISA application used against U.S. person Carter Page, including all intelligence documents that may not have been presented to the FISA Court (CIA) (FBI) (DOJ) (ODNI) (DoS) (NSA)
    • All unredacted text messages and email content between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok on all devices (FBI) (DOJ) (DOJ-NSD) (ODNI)
    • The originating CIA “EC” or two-page electronic communication from former FBI Agent Peter Strzok, and all communication between former CIA Director John Brennan and FBI Director James Comey that started Operation Crossfire Hurricane in July 2016 (CIA) (FBI) (ODNI)
    • The full and unredacted April 2017 FISA court 99-page opinion written by Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer outlining the compliance audit conducted by the NSA in 2016 (NSA) (ODNI) (DOJ) (FBI) (DOJ-NSD)
    • Everything and Anything related to contracts, vendors, services and the intelligence apparatus connected to the 2020 United States election

In order to avert litigation, President Trump would need to select a date for an intelligence briefing through a direct order to his chief of staff, Mark Meadows. Meadows would then inform the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to coordinate with all executive branch lead intelligence officials and also invite the Intelligence Community oversight committee or “gang of eight.” This would call some of Trump’s enemies to the table: Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Minority leader Kevin McCarthy, HPSCI Chairman Adam Schiff, HPSCI Ranking Member Devin Nunes, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, SSCI Chairman Richard Burr and SSCI Vice-Chair Mark Warner.

The White House counsel would be encouraged to attend the meeting and Ratcliffe would be tasked with gathering and presenting all the requested intelligence documents for a Presidential Daily Briefing, which would be presented to each person at the briefing. After the comprehensive content of the documents is presented and discussed, the President would then claim it is in the national interest of the United States to let the American people know. Trump would then serve the documents up to the media, giving the American people a full and transparent review of the material. This massive Intel dump could lead to arrests and a mass shift in public awareness.”

Win or lose, Trump should do this, because it would be delightful, and a needed payback to the Deep State monsters. Further, it would provide numerous articles for us to do, during this slow news season.



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Thursday, 13 June 2024

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