Treating Us Like Cattle … What Next? By James Reed

     This first happened in the US, and is here now in Oz I believe. I will check this out a bit later and correct the article if necessary, but a security bloke with a huge gut told me that this was coming when I was in the supermarket on Friday. (Yes, just got back to the computer from both supermarkets, and there are barricades of goods at the front blocking the entrance in part. Will there be barbed wire used in the future, or is this just paranoid delusions on my part?)  It is only a matter of time before shopping becomes impossible, due to supply lines running out, and one has to live on Mars Bars from vending machines, which seem to be infinite, so I guess we won’t starve. Oh well, death by diabetes is better than being shot, which is occurring in some parts of the world, like the heaven of diversity, South Africa:

“The police and army have, at times, acted with thuggish abandon in their attempts to enforce the three-week-long lockdown, humiliating, beating, and even shooting civilians on the streets of the commercial capital, Johannesburg, and elsewhere. There has been confusion about some of the regulations, clumsy messaging and U-turns from some of the country's less impressive ministers. Above all, there has been the struggle to impose social distancing and effective hygiene in South Africa's poorest, most crowded neighbourhoods, where many fear the virus could yet wreak havoc.”

     That’s quite enough gunfire for one article. Now, back to the shopping experience:

“You’ll now be waiting in line just to get into some stores during normal businesses hours. Target, Meijer and Walmart are putting limits on the number of people allowed in stores at once in an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus. The majority of people News 8 spoke to said this was a great idea: They said fewer people in the store means fewer people to come in contact with. Some Walmart stores in Indianapolis roped off the path leading to the front entrance, funnelling shoppers through so they could keep count of how many people were going inside and coming out. “It has gotten to this point right now,” Martin Hunt said. “It’s kind of crazy. People are still all bunched up together, so it doesn’t make a difference. I don’t know. It’s just kind of odd. It’s like it’s still not real yet for a lot of people.” Walmart’s limit is five shoppers for every 1,000 square feet. One woman said there were at least 100 people inside the store she visited on Saturday. And not all of them were social distancing. “Honestly, I think it’s going to be out of your control, out of our control, one of those sorts of deals,” Brian Jones said. At multiple Walmart stores around central Indiana, News 8 crews saw empty areas outside stores with no one waiting in line to get inside. “People don’t go and do fun things like roller coasters because of lines,” Ze’ev Hernandez said. “You think they’re going to run out and get groceries?” “Lines stop everyone,” Sam Schwartz said. “Lines are the ultimate quarantiner, honestly.” But even beyond rope and store limits, people who are concerned say it’s other shoppers who have a responsibility to slow the spread. “Some people are not taking this seriously,” Doris Scott said. “This is a very dangerous game that people playing. They’ve got to keep it safe out here. Whatever the governor says: If they say stay in the house, stay in the house. They are protecting us. It’s the reason they say stay in the house! Please stay in the house, people! We don’t want to be in there for 60 more days, in the house! Just listen. Please! I love you guys. Be safe.”

     God help us, can we just starve to death in peace? Of course, this makes no sense like much of this coronavirus freak-out, because people will be still be close while waiting, coughing and secreting bodily fluids everywhere, and if the hypotheses about the bug being carried up to 27 feet through the air are correct, covered at this site, it is all useless anyway. But it does serve the purpose of keeping the sheeple in their pens, training them, in fact. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Me, I am just an old dying ram, ready for the glue factory. At least that is how I feel with my incredible lower back pain after a day of typing.



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Wednesday, 24 July 2024

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