Topping Topless Protesters By Mrs Vera West


         I have not followed the story beyond the superficial details, because the boys do the immigration stuff, but some woman has barricaded herself in a hotel room, and wants to come to Australia as a refugee. Ok, her and 20 billion others, and I suppose they will all be let in eventually. What interests this old lady is a protest which was done by a gaggle – I think they called naked ladies that – who were offering support. No, wrong word, not much “support” there I am afraid:




Four women held a topless protest in Sydney on Thursday to support runaway Saudi woman Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun, as Australia began considering her bid to settle in the country as a refugee.


Alqunun was on Wednesday deemed a refugee by the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, after being detained in Bangkok en route to Australia. The 18-year-old publicized her case via social media after barricading herself in her Bangkok hotel room, saying she feared for her safety if sent back to her family in Saudi Arabia.


In downtown Sydney on Thursday morning, four women, dressed only in jeans and calling themselves the Secret Sisterhood, protested outside the building housing the Saudi Consulate, calling on Australia to grant Alqunun residency.”




         Obviously, the secret sisters must wait around for an issue to surface, and then, as quick as silver, off come the tops, and out comes the protest. I find the types of protests where topless ladies try to make a statement that they reject sexual objectification, the best of all. Reason does not live here anymore.




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Saturday, 13 August 2022