to the Editor of The Age

I'm not so sure Brian McGuinness is right (2/1) to condemn the use by retired Catholic archbishop Denis Hart of a mitre and crosier at a recent religious service. Rituals dating from mediaeval or earlier times, together with their associated symbolism, have a wonderful capacity to convey the dignity, beauty and glory of the transcendent - of angelic and divine realities.


     A return to more formal dress, not only on sacred occasions, might be something to encourage in 2019. A walk down, say, Swanston Street during peak time reveals how much dress standards have lowered since the 1950's. Melburnians look more and more like a mob of peasants; and peasants are much easier to push around by corrupt governments and elites than well-dressed men and women with a reality-based respect for themselves and tradition.



Nigel Jackson, Belgrave  







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Tuesday, 09 August 2022