To Be White in the US and Not be a Leftist, is to be a Terrorist! By Chris Knight (Florida)


White supremacism is the latest hate phrase of the ascendant Left, trading on all the post-World War II Pavlovian knee-jerk propaganda against the idea of race, or at least, white race, even though the white race must exist for the purposes of punishment, a contradiction as Jim Goad has noted. As with all of Big Jim’s material, I have to censor all of the F-bombs.

“Imagine if I screamed my lungs bloody all day and all night, for years on end, about the Devil and how he’s the greatest threat to humanity. And then, let’s say a well-tempered Satanist tried to counter my caterwauling by saying, “Relax, fella — the Devil’s not that bad.”

If I replied, “The Devil doesn’t exist, you retard,” would I sound crazy?

That’s how the people who yammer endlessly about ending “whiteness” and replacing “white people” sound to me when they abruptly do a 180 and say that “whiteness” and “white people” don’t exist.

What kind of brain is capable of simultaneously holding two such utterly contradictory ideas without exploding?

Apropos of all this, I recently answered some questions from a writer friend, including this one:

“Tribe or caste?”

I answered that both were important, adding that the problem with modern America is that tribal acceptance is not applied equally:

What’s being proposed now is tribalism for everyone except whites, which is a recipe for disaster rather than harmony. Either everyone should be permitted to bask in their tribal identity, or the very idea of basking in tribal identity should be stigmatized for all groups the way it currently is for whites. I’d be fine with either option, but the egregious double standard is the main reason we’re in this current mess.

Someone emailed this to my interrogator:

“Can somebody explain to Jim that whiteness isn’t a thing so there’s no need to be tribal about it?”

I responded:

Can someone explain to this moron that if what he’s saying is true, everyone in academia and the media needs to shut the … up about whiteness? . . . Ask him if he thinks “blackness” is a thing.

There was no response, but I’d bet my house, truck, and shiny leather boots that the guy who said “whiteness isn’t a thing” would insist that not only is “blackness” a thing, it’s the greatest and holiest thing that has ever existed on this planet.

These are the same sort of cretinous zombies who think that “race” doesn’t exist, but somehow “racism” is ubiquitous.

The same people who say the “great replacement” is a dangerous conspiracy theory also gleefully cite stats about exactly when whites will become a minority.

The same dopes who say white people don’t exist are the first to leap on a news story featuring a white gunman and a nonwhite victim.

They’re the first to celebrate when a white person loses a job to a lesser qualified humanoid of color.

These same people allege that blackness is an unassailable monolith but also state that modern Africa is home to more genetic diversity among Homo sapiens than anywhere else on the planet.


Even though white people don’t exist to them, they’ll insist that Hollywood, academia, the media, and everything else, including vanilla ice-cream cones, are “too white.”

How much demoralization does one have to endure and how much denial does one have to engage in before they reach a state of anti-consciousness where their mind says, “Yes, this all makes perfect sense”?

It’s some place so far beyond reason that one wonders whether anyone who believes this nonsense should even be allowed to use a toilet unsupervised. 

They’ve managed to get everything spectacularly backwards in their brain-dead quest to assuage their insecurities by engaging in an eternal moral panic that they hope will finally result in them feeling absolutely fantastic about themselves.

I once engaged in a livestreamed debate with … E. Michael Jones, who has attempted to argue that America’s main three ethnic groups are Catholics, Jews, and Protestants. Yes — he’s really THAT deluded.

Besides both of us being white males, the only thing that Jones and I have in common is that we’re both from Philly, and during that debate he mentioned an Irish-Catholic friend of his who got murdered in North Philly — a sprawling war zone that is almost entirely black — and I told him that I’m certain his friend wasn’t killed for being Irish or Catholic.

What Jones — who’s considered to be so hard-Right that he might as well be made of granite — shares with far-Leftists is that he’ll deny that “whiteness” exists but will allow that “Polishness” and “Irishness” are valid identities. But I never hear this breed of schmuck say that “blackness” doesn’t exist, only “Nigerianness” and “Zimbabweness.”

In dealing with such types, it’s better to use the term “continental ancestry” instead of race, because you can do a simple DNA test on a skull to determine continental ancestry. But you couldn’t determine whether that skull ever harbored “racist” thoughts. Race can actually be quantified; “racism” can’t. Again, they have it upside-down — the only “social construct” in this equation is “racism.”

Stammering to defend their screaming illogic and somehow disprove the biological existence of white people, they’ll correctly note that in some classification systems — especially the myopic one that only sees white, black, and yellow — both Castizos and Arabs are considered white.

But that’s simply an error of classification. …

Just as fish probably aren’t conscious of water because it’s all they’ve ever known, the only time in history where “whiteness” likely had no meaning was in ancient Europe, because the only people spanning the continent were white.

It’s a matter of proximity. The term “human race” would only have real meaning if Martians were to invade.

But on a global scale in the modern world, it’s hard not to think that anyone who says white people don’t exist is either a hopeless nincompoop or a disingenuous liar.

Regarding the disingenuous liars, what are these tools thinking?

The problem is that they’re not thinking at all. They can sniff power, and they’re genuflecting before it.

To them, whiteness exists as a target. Of course white people exist — but perhaps not if the people who keep insisting, against all evidence, that white people don’t exist ultimately have their way.

Maybe they know that white people exist, aren’t happy about it, and are seeking to eliminate them. Maybe that’s what is truly meant when they say there’s no such thing as white people. 

Maybe it’s a deferred dream that they hope will one day be a reality.”


That eliminationist wish is progressing faster than many believe in their PTSD nightmares:



“President Joe Biden identified white supremacy as a domestic terror threat that the country must remain vigilant against in his first joint address to Congress on Wednesday.

In discussing his order to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan, Biden noted global terror networks have largely moved beyond the country and that white supremacists posed a bigger threat than foreign actors.

“We won’t ignore what our intelligence agencies have determined to be the most lethal terrorist threat to our homeland today: White supremacy is terrorism,” Biden cautioned.

“White supremacy is terrorism, and we’re not going to ignore that either. My fellow Americans, look, we have to come together to heal the soul of this nation,” Biden said.”


“The Justice Department is “actively considering” whether to seek a new law that would let prosecutors bring specific charges for plotting and carrying out acts of domestic terrorism, a senior department official said.

“One of the things we’re looking at is would we need new authorities,” Brad Wiegmann, deputy assistant attorney general for the department’s national security division, said during a House hearing Thursday.

Wiegmann said the department has been successful using existing laws to fight domestic terrorism, such as bringing charges for offenses involving violations of weapons or explosives laws, hate crimes and arson. He said more than 430 arrests have been made in connection with the Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol. The attack was carried out by extremist supporters of then-President Donald Trump.

The FBI has warned that domestic violent extremists pose a heightened threat for carrying out attacks in the U.S. in the near future, with white supremacists being the most lethal threat.

“The question we’re really wrestling with is: Are there gaps?” Wiegmann told a House Appropriations subcommittee. “Is there some type of conduct that we can envision that we can’t cover or would it be an otherwise benefit in having something else other than what we’re having now?”

‘Cancer’ on U.S.

Currently, no U.S. law lets the government designate domestic extremists as terrorists or bring specific charges for domestic terrorism. That contrasts with laws to combat international terrorism, which allow the government to designate groups and bring charges for providing those groups with material support.

It’s a gap that some law enforcement and intelligence officials say should be closed.

“This is a cancer on our country,” said Democratic Representative Matt Cartwright of Pennsylvania, chairman of the subcommittee. “Right-wing extremist attacks and plots have greatly outnumbered those from all other groups combined and caused more deaths as well.”

However, opposition to creating a specific domestic terrorism law has been voiced from groups spanning the political spectrum -- from civil liberties advocates to conservatives. They contend a new law isn’t needed and could be used to violate the constitutional rights of U.S. citizens.

The Justice Department recently took other steps to better address the threat of domestic terrorism.

In March, for example, the department directed U.S. attorney’s offices across the country to notify headquarters in Washington about investigations and cases that are related to domestic extremism, Wiegmann said. The effort is intended to ensure the department has the ability to identify and internally track investigations and prosecutions involving the threat, he said.

Terrorism ‘Exporter’

Although U.S. lawmakers have traditionally worried about foreign terrorist organizations and extremist ideologies radicalizing Americans, a senior State Department official told a different House panel Thursday that the U.S. is now seen as an “exporter.”

Foreign partners are raising concerns through diplomatic channels that Americans are exporting racially and ethnically motivated violence, John Godfrey, acting coordinator for counterterrorism at the Department of State, told House Homeland Security Committee members.

“What we’re increasingly seeing evidence of is concern about the flow going the other way,” he said.”

It is open season on the deplorables, who have all been re-defined as white supremacists, and Trump says nothing while his supporters are eaten and beaten:

“Recently, in an introduction to editor Peter Brimelow's  "It Will Come To Blood" Four Years Later—The Left's Trump Inauguration Day Tantrum Was Just The Beginning, I wrote that we've been hearing a lot about "right-wing violence" at the recent Capitol protests from pundits who seem to have forgotten that the Communists who rioted against Trump rallies before he was elected also turned up on his first day in office to riot against his election.

Peter wrote  that after Inauguration Day 2017 about the substantially-unreported military occupation and fencing in the District of Columbia, which notoriously prevented Trump supporters getting to the reviewing stands, resulting in much media gloating. But Biden's Inauguration had much more military preparation, and twelve-foot fences with razor wire...something Trump's disloyal subordinates wouldn't put on the border fence.

And this was cheered by the same people who thought that Trump's 2019 Fourth of July military parade was some sort of "Crossing The Potomac" moment.

That means that you could either say that the outgoing Trump Administration is protecting Biden better than the Obama-Biden Administration was willing to protect Trump...or that the Deep State is on Biden's side.

There was  no reason, two weeks after January 6, 2021, to  expect any trouble from the 74 million Americans who voted for Trump—the Capitol Protest was apparently spontaneous, and mild by the standards of the Summer of George Floyd. But the J-20 Riots of 2017 were planned and organized by Antifa.

The "" website, proof if proof were needed, is still online.”

Get it while it is still steaming hot.



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