This is Why the Second Amendment and AR 15s are Needed By Charles Taylor


Antifa has Tweeted that if Trump does not concede the election by Sunday, they will begin to block roads in conservative areas, so people will not be able to go to work, or get groceries to feed families. They are armed and will respond to attempts of “vehicular manslaughter.” Tough talk indeed from a bunch of soy drinking low testosterone wankers, as you call them down under. Most vets I know are legally armed, and will fight back, in self-defence. Apart from the National Guard being called out, individuals, and communities of conservatives will handle these pieces of cultural Marxist refuge, very well, purely in self-defence of course. Let them go for it, and do their worst. To be a fighter requires more than just reading Karl Marx, and dragging around a gun, as cavemen dragged clubs.

The claim has been made that this was just a prank, but antifa has been threatening Republicans, threatening families, and Twitter suspended the account, so it is a symptom of the Leftist disease anyway, and Natural reported for months on these sorts of antifa threats.

When antifa burnt and assaulted people, was that a prank too? Yes, it was, according to the mainstream media, just a “peaceful protest.” Does all of this make your blood boil, too?



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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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